Thursday, December 31, 2009

On 2009 in a Glimpse

2009 saw me writing some pretty high-impact posts. Hahahaha. I mean who would've remembered what you wrote until they brought it up right?

"I've got that ELECTRIFYING ejaculation you got!"-S

"I could never look at an ass the same way again! Eewww!"-A

"How's your nipples? Hahaha"-J

But otherwise, it's been quite an eventful year for me as well.

Birthday this year was special. Especially the surprised one my groupmates threw me when I was still in Klang. On top of that, what scandalous double-celebration it was with Joshy!

The little brother finally fulfilled the parents' dream of having a scholar in the family, finally flying off sometime in September.

Laptop died on me. Many times.

My car also died on me. Also a couple of times.

But I guess the biggest event of the year was of my greatest fall in my 22 years of life. It was torturous and at some point I did have the suicidal thought.

But thank God I managed to come out alright, celebrating with a second Euphoria visit after a year of hiatus.

It was also a privilege of me able to join the ASNA conference, where I attended my first international conference in KL.

But that followed with a second one in Taipei in December, which also became my overseas travel this year. Totally enjoyed myself there. Loved the winter. Loved the city. Loved Taipei 101.

Domestically, it was a great trip with my travel buddy when we headed to the east coast, driving all the way to Kuala Terengganu, and sitting at the beach in the middle of the night talking about our deepest secrets...

Of course, that spiritual trip to Jangsem Ling where I encounter some really eye-opening experience.

On top of that, there was the 3 weeks spent in some isolated little town in Maran, Pahang, which allowed us to have the poster presented in Taipei. The community service there was indeed fun, what's with the huge disappointment of a big "Longkang" instead of a beautiful waterfall.

But of course, we managed to visit Sungai Lembing which was heavenly! Also the overnight in Bera as well as Kuantan. As well as the many trips to Penang! And Kuala Kangsar and Alor Setar (which I have yet to blog about) !

It was of course a great year as I've met great friends through blogging. Loved the homecooked Italian meal! And that Canadian-student luncheon. As well as FRIM outing! The 3rd year in Oktoberfest 1U as well.

And I guess I got more bolder this year, talking about the dick! And more dicks! >.<

School is going great so far. I'm happy. My family is as well. And I hope all my friends are. I hope it shall be for the next year as well. Hereby wishing all my readers a Happy New Year!!!

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now 2009 is almost over, i hope tat angel will bring a prosperous year of 2010 for u~ cheers :)

Ed said...

well, i'm expecting more dick entries from u on 2010~ :P

Janvier said...

Here's to more eventful years to come!

Susan said...

Happy new year, what an interesting year you have.

Gratitude said...

2009 wuz that boring huh?! LOLZ

Have a Blessed 2010! ^_^

savante said...

Great to hear that school is going fine. Not too long to go before graduation!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!!! May you have a great year ahead!

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww... tats very colourful year for u, hopefully 2010 would b a better year for u :)

TZ said...

An outstanding recap of what has happened in the past year... looking forward for your coming year review :)