Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On Hurtful Nipples

I seem to get pains in the oddest places ever. Like seriously! Enough with the electrocuting ejaculation which sort of caused such a huge roar amongst the friends, I have recently found out about nipple pain as well. (Now I can forsee the friends roaring in laughter.)

I normally wouldn't notice about it until I go to shower after the exercise and what not. It all started when the hands touched the chest area and I'd jerk a bit. And when I look at what's wrong, whoa... It's as big as the 3kg watermelon. Seriously, I'm not telling lies! I have to press it down so that it won't protrude out so much. Though most often than not, pressing the 'button' doesn't help 'soften' the erection.

It'll be gone after half an hour or so.

I palpated for lumps and bumps. None. I have been occasionally checking for discharges. None. And it's quite unlikely to be clogged lymph duct or something, since it's not erected 24/7. Not likely to be mastitis or infections of the nipple, as no one ever bit on it. Really. I mean it! No one ever bit on my nipples!

So the only solution I have thus far, they stand erected due to cold stimulation. Particularly after a long day running around and the shirt all wet, brushing onto the man-boobs.

But there's no doubt that sometimes I really do get worried about it. I checked the nips. No cuts whatsoever. It looked quite engorged alright. Even slight soft touch triggered tinge of pain. Not exactly excruciating kinda pain, just somewhat like someone bitting on it.

Okay. Pretend you didn't just read that.

The thing is, whenever I told someone about it, their thoughts always steer into random sexual acts. Rough foreplays whatsoever. And I have to explain again and again that I did not just had it with someone. Not that it's even slightly convincing, but I had to try right?

Now seriously, I swear no one just had some work done on them pinkish nips.

And no, don't even think of asking to see mine online. Wouldn't mind a personal tutorial on the superficial markings of nipples though, with a SMALL amount of charge.

13 Jujus:

Twilight Zone said...

LOL OMG, your male nips got discharge? Quick get a baby ready to drink your milk!

*Anton* said...

jerk a bit? pinkish nips? waaaa, enuf fantasy to last me the whole day. lolz

Btw, are you seriously into S&M? :P


GaGa West said...

owh my~

another electric shock runs through my veins! (no pun intended) ;P

Nicholas Rashidee said...

i cant believe i just read this post. how am i supposed to go back to work? LOL

ichimaru akira said...

Thanks for the vivid description of ur malaise.

I think ur suffering from lack of arousal syndrome,go and get someone to release ur sexual tension.


Ban said...


Why don't you ask your lecturer for advice? :P

TZ said...

i do so much exercise ... why i don't get the same feeling you had ... :p

wow! your nipple so sexy ... got a ring too. Hiak Hika.. no wonder so stimulate ... errrrr... what am i talking... anyway, take care dude!

JL said...

LOLOL!!!!!!! See so many comments hinting at *ahem*ahem* XD

Take care la, don't simply let people kiss, er, bite your nipples :P

Sam said...

Sexy nipples. And I'm reading this when my day ends - so it shall definitely be enough fantasy for tonight. ;)

foongpc said...

Reading all the comments here, looks like no one is taking you seriously.

Well, I'll be different.

Let me ask you this question...

So, did anyone bit on your nipples? Hahaah!

OK, OK! Sorry! Can't help it!! : )

Anyway, you are the doctor. If you have no idea, you expect me, a quack, to know anything about this?

But seriously, any way it can be breast cancer? I mean touch wood, but men do get breast cancers too.

joshua said...

SO I reckon it hasn't gotten better from the other day when we chatted about this?

Jangan panik!

Glog said...

Well, I must ask...
You have a gay room mate who is in the closet but have secretly been creeping into your room and sucking your nipples hard?

You have the weirdest sorta sexual pains and aches yeah?

I so jeles!

jase said...

ohh.. that's a hairy nipple..