Saturday, December 05, 2009

On the Trip to FRIM

This post came late... Wonder what happened. LMAO. But here it is... go-go dancing in the woods.

Was up on top of the hill and down by the river in FRIM last Sunday. TZ came to pick Ant and I up and we headed over to FRIM to meet Granny, Michi and their friends. There was a charge for admission, although I'm not so sure how they charged. 7 bucks for 3 person in one car, including the driver.

We parked to near to the guard house that we had to walk so far to reach the entrance of the jungle hiking trail. Not that I'm complaining, since the sceneries are pretty nice. I was pretty much disappointed that there were actually an entire community inside FRIM, as my thoughts of a forest reserve would be like, you know, a national park which has nothing other than the administration office. But guess what, they've got a school and a mosque and God knows how many quarters in there.

The hike up the jungle trail was fine, really. Just that since I thought we were doing a picnic, the place was supposed to be like, you get to the picnic site just after a short walk from the carpark. Who would've known, it took us 3 hours of hiking an uphill trail with our cakes and water and bananas and egg tarts. Try walk with these foods, rather than without additional weights, then you'd have gone to a gym class which lasted for 3 hours. LMAO.

We eventually headed up straight to the top of the hill, to get to the canopy walk, only to find the entrance was closed. I saw the signboards below that the tickets should be purchased at the FRIM souvenir shop, but Michi was quite sure they'd open the gate and sell the ticket up there at 9.30am sharp. After much camwhoring, we gave up waiting.

We ventured down the less travelled trail I suppose, down the side of a mini waterfall. Signboards were directing towards a picnic spot just some 200m down the jungle trail, but we hiked so far before we knew we were not lost. LMAO. Not that we would I think, considering there's actually an entire community inside FRIM.

Down the hiking trail we go, passing some stones and fallen trees, bending down to the low branches, and jumping over massive tree roots, and we finally caught up with the group of hikers down by the little river. Sight of Mulan continuing the "relay-run" with the baton Tong Kee egg tarts was priceless. >.<

When we finally reached the picnic spot where a larger pool of water collects, i.e. a little pond, we spreaded out the newspaper. 1kg of newspaper up the hill proved to be useful afterall. LOL. Finally, we sat down all in sweaty-wet shirts eating nasi lemak. At least I thought I was. My shirt was all wet! The sandwich cake was superb!

It was only then that I found out there was actually a shorter route to get to this scenic picnic spot. Apparently, if we walked further down the main road instead of turning into the jungle hiking trail, we could've reached the picnic place quite effortlessly.

Too bad though, I wished I'd had remembered brining an extra pair of shirts, then perhaps I could've enjoyed the picnic more readily. It just wasn't that all comfortable when the entire shirt is wet! LOL. But then again, I didn't really think I would want to go into the pool. Thoughts of peeing while I was still upstream because my bladder couldn't take it anymore shuddered me. Downstream, kids are actually playing in the pool! But of course, I'm a very civilised person. >.<

Sad thing though, it was a pity we didn't make it to the canopy walk. It would be quite magnificent a view if it was open. Somewhere down the hiking only we found out from one of the rangers, the canopy walk wasn't open for three days. Wtf right? At least a note would be nice. Save the drama one of us were put through, but rest assured, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I thought I myself needed to work out more, a LOT more if I wanted to conquer Mt Kinabalu.

As per the usual gathering, we sat around chit-chatting, washing our eyes with eye candies, and whole lot of comments came in. Even with new friends, talks of pretty boys were brought up. We did saw quite some nice babes there. And not forgetting the little white ranger boy!

We finally did a series of group shots as it was getting late. Some of us had to catch a bus back to Singapore, while at least one of us would love a good long sleep *wink wink* It was a very nice outing indeed. How come this didn't happen earlier? LOL.

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SJ said...

it must be real good to have all the greens surround you. hopr to go there one day. i love the greens...

A smile from SJ =)

Twilight Zone said...

The hike was unexpectedly long and took that Tun Fatimah off guard, hence his fainting spells! Heeeee! I should have worn shorts and socks thinking it was mere picnic. Where's next?

pikey said...

SO nice!! I've been to FRIM a few times but never tried camping there... sounds fun.

TZ said...

hehehe... how about hiking downtown to take some Xmas decor picture a.k.a Camwhoring with Xmas Tree, Santa clause... :p

Next Sunday ... any taker?

the happy go lucky one said...

sounds not bad wor, some more got to have some eye candies :P

Gratitude said...

Wah that Granma wuz so fit, must have been the magical tongkat ali consumed earlier, or wuz it kacip fatimah? lolz


Danny said...

wow.. gng bk to the nature.. i guess i wont stay more than 30mins... cos i need more carbon-monoxide ( from the jams on the road ;p )
btw, the newspaper spread.. tak class lah ;p

foongpc said...

I love FRIM!!! : )