Friday, December 04, 2009

On Being F*cking Rich

Don't get disorientated. All the posts from the 2nd of December onwards until the 6th of December are all scheduled posts. Yeah, you got that right, I'm such a crap I've got so much to crap hor, until I can still blog one post for every single day I'm away. :D That's also why, posts of Taipei trip will only be coming up after I'm back, or not. I don't want to be another Lijiang Jinjang for sure. LMAO.

Was discussing with the travel buddies as to how much we needed to change for this trip. Too bad for me, I visited the money changer too late all the rates have gone up. Bugger!!!

Last week, it was 10.9RM for each 100NTW, as what I heard from the friend who did his in Mid Valley. So last weekend, as I was in KLCC, it bloody shocked me that it has gone up to 11.5RM for each 100NTW. Mulefooker!!! And I thought it was 1Rm for 10NTW just 2 weeks back as what I heard from my sister's friends who just came back!

I went around Mutiara Damansara area subsequently and paid a visit to all the 3 money changers, in Ikano, the Curve and Tesco. Thank God it was lower than that of KLCC, but relatively, I guess RM must've depreciated or NTW must've appreciated last week. Being not a risk taker, I decided to change it anyways. My savings depreciated by 1k in 1 minute, and I was disheartened that my wallet didn't expand double it's size.

Apparently, NTW comes in 1k notes.

And I thought I could carry parcels of bank notes like that of Ugandan Shillings.

6 Jujus:

TZ said...

Dude, RM1000 not enough to carry like that even though you change to Uganda Shillings ... kekeke... :p

manglish said...

hahhahahhhaa........btw we need visa to visit taiwan rite?

KY said...

RICH, you are. LOL.
Carry your cash like that in Malaysia? Doubt you can walk for even 10m before being stabbed by someone.
Enjoy your trip.

Muhammad Afif said...

somehow i like the last pic.. =)
then can borong everything..!!

Gratitude said...

You will not be safe exposing yourself like this! :P For one, you shouldn't compare yourself to THAT Ugandan prince, should ya?

Poor me, so difficult in saving every cent to afford a cuppa starbies.

Twilight Zone said...

You are off to Taipei during the peak, so you gonna rugi with exchange rates. I was told after CNY is best rates but who wanna go in Spring? Winter is best! ENJOY!