Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Drive that was Revealed

I drove the parents and the sis to Colmar Tropicale a week ago and you know what it's like driving uphill. It seemed as if the car was dragging all the way up and halfway most of the time, Dad thought he smelt some burnt rubber and we stopped a few times to let the engine cool down. But most often than not, the car was perfectly alright.

I somehow slipped reaffirming them that the car is powerful enough because I drove up to Genting before. To mum's great astonishment! LOL

She looked at me and asked how come I never told her! I said it was back then and I didn't want her to worry. And then my sis cut in saying what if something bad happened and she never knew and only found out from the paper or when the hospital calls. Then of course I defended saying it was already the past and I'm alright. But then mum still unhappily said I should've told her.

Since I've made things quite clear between my privacy and her wanting to know a few months ago, both of us made a deal that we'd be more open to each other. I'll tell her what I'm doing or where I go and she'll stop bugging and nagging me so much. But that aside, what I did in the past was of course in the past.

But now that I thought about it... it must've been pretty quite a disappointment to her I never let her know I did such dangerous thing without her knowing...

So I guess I should put "informing mummy where I go" as one of the new year resolutions next year.

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TZ said...

hmmm... how many more things you never revealed? :p

[SK] said...

hahaha, and i know it's gonna happened!! you drove up to genting without mama's permission!! sure she will nag on you... :D

the happy go lucky one said...

well in a way, it shows how much she loves u, and also its good that u guys openly discussing abt this, i think its very healthy relationship lor, happy new year to u yeah :)

Gratitude said...

Only Genting ka? :P
Oooops TZ oso had the same thought! lolz
You've been a good son, well almost, so no worries ya! ^_^

CH Voon said...

mmm i think your mummy will follow your blog always hehehe

i think told your mummmy better that keep it secret... but the point is if you tell your mummy, she will more worry or not?

A Common Singaporean said...

You are such a good son already, really.

I drove 6000km in 2 weeks in the western coast of America and I never told my mum.

But I was almost robbed and met a roque policeman. Risks are abundant. Its still wise to inform yr family wherever u go.

Right resolution!!

manglish said...

waaaaaaaaaaa so misty ar until ur face oso blur oredi hahhahaaah HAPPY NEW YEAR

ckw said...

was it bukit tinggi? never been there b4