Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On the Taipei Trip

You shall humm on John Denver's "Leaving on a jetplane": I'm leaving on a jet plane, I'm sure when I'll be back again, Oh babe, I just love to go..... I know I know, I've been humming this tune whenever I fly anyways. But this time round it's gonna be different. Because, it's my primier trip overseas this year to.... *drums*....


The 41st Asian Pacific Convention of Public Health will be held in Taipei this year from the 3rd of December till the 6th of December. Apparently, one of my colleagues was hardworking enough to apply for a poster presentation while I was still struggling for my exams 2 months ago. But in the end, our research from the Community Residency Programme earlier this year in Pahang was finally accepted for the poster presentation.

I know it's not like we're going to present to a crowd or anything, but considering it's in Taipei, and I haven't gotten any chance to travel this year, plus the fact that I won't even have any chance to travel for the rest of my life in medical school, I grabbed this opportunity to go to Taipei 101. Wakakaka.

Okay fine, I wasn't even sure where I would be going in Taipei just yet. We've got our travel itinerary sorted out. The conference will last for 3 days over the weekends, but due to some unforseen circumstances, I was delayed in Taipei due to the inavailabilty of flight tickets. *Chee-wah, excuses!* No seriously! Air Asia was like 1.6k, MAS 4k, Emirates 1.6k, SIA 2k, KLM 2k, Eva Airlines 1.5k, China Airlines 1.8k, Thai Airways 1.5k. Freaking expensive if I come back on the 7th of December. Therefore, we decided to come back on the 8th where the airfare for China Airlines was just nicely 1071RM. Still expensive, but at least compared to the other airlines, it was considerably cheaper.

See, I know you'd prolly say I'm stupid for not booking the flights earlier on Air Asia. The thing was, I could only confirm after I pass my exam. So in a way, Mum also said it's a reward lah, since I worked so my arse off for the last exam. So they sponsor me a bit to top up the unconfirmed sponsorship from the university. But otherwise, I'll be expecting a budget of 3k, inclusive of the 0.85k conference registration fee and the 1k airticket.

Still, I know you'd say it's too much of a price to pay to travel to Taipei. *eyeing TZ*

But it's a conference I'm going for. At the same time the Palace Museum, 101 Taipei, Longshan Temple, Fen Chi Hu, Yanmingshan National Park, Shilin Night Market, Storytale Land, Presidential Memorial Park, National Taiwan University... Teehee. >.<>

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TZ said...

Dude, enjoy your trip eh~

Susan said...

Thats so cool, my sister just came back from there last month, she said that the food was freaking good. She love it so much that she was spending RM6k for 10 days with her husband.

Bengbeng said...

have a nice trip.. dont forget to enjoy yrself

manglish said...

i am jealous!!! HAHAAHAHAHHA....enjoy dude!!

Gratitude said...

No more emo boohoos from you from now onwards, you lucky sod! :P