Sunday, August 07, 2011

On Eating the Cost

Am not a stranger to buffet restaurant. From Seoul Garden to Yuen to Tao... Having said that, it was the last one that I enjoyed, especially since there are free flow of sashimis. But it also comes with a price. At 70 bucks per person, even with the chance to order ANYTHING in the menu, I always say there's only a certain stuff I'll eat.

I mean, come on, who would go to a place where you get free flow of sashimi and you order a bowl of udon right?! One bowl of that you'd be stuffed beat.

Therefore... recently when I had the chance to get a table at the ever crowded place again, I sort of made a mental note.

First large plate was sashimis. Lots of them. Salmon. Tuna. And God knows what kind of fish it was. With 3 salmon sushis. And I forgot to take a picture. My estimate: at least 20 bucks.

Which was why, during the second plate, I did. 10 oysters. A few salmon sashimi and a few sushi, plus the sweetened peanut and that cold chicken roll thingy. I estimate this to cost at least 20 bucks as well. Heck Senjyu Sushi in e@Curve charge 50Rm for 6 imported oysters. Despite the quality difference, they all end up in the stomach also right? I mean, I rarely can tell the quality of the food anyways.

Third round was also mainly sashimis, salmon tuna and whatever fish or seafood... Also had a slice of duck meat and a few cold chicken roll and mini fruit tarts... This could also go up to 20 bucks.

3 rounds of large platter makes up 60 bucks already. Weee!

But that wasn't all I had.

I also had some tepanyaki...

And some desserts... Love the fruit tart! Had turtle jelly without the sugar syrup. And ice creammmmmm

Finally ending the stomach-loading with chawamushi, which cost 6Rm in their ala carte menu.

Now that I've analyzed it... I'm quite a crazy eater, no? No wonder I'm so fat...

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Reanaclaire said...

Indeed!! Yes, you can eat a lot la!! i took only one oyster when i was in cititel buffet dinner.. mine was not worth it.. hahaha..

Small Kucing said...

Speaking of eating the cost, there is a new steamboat buffet restaurant in sri petaling. Name Sri petaling Steamboat Palace. At a corner shop behind the New Ipoh Chic Rice.

I went and tried already. Very good. Got live crabs and lala. They can steam and grill for you. RM27-60/person. That day we ate so much . Memang pulang cost :p.

I think you may like it. I feel its more comfy than Yuen.

Twilight Man said...

Wah! Dr Brooks you better run longer on treadmills! All buffet shops will close down if every diner feasts like you. Omg! Gross! Faintz!

Danny said...

err.. isnt the cholesterol level a bit high ?
but i love jap food.. lets gather their instead of yuen next time :)

Robinn T said...

you are not alone okay? tao is so so, I'd actually preferred jogoya more(mor expensive mar) tao's oysters are like, not fresh everytime I get there! The best thing in the menu is their teppanyaki salmon only, to me la

[SK] said...

seldom go to buffet nowadays.. first, buffet are getting more expensive now.. secondly, old already and cannot eat as much now..

Twilight Man said...

Dei, you know what? I went to try that steamboat tonight after hearing small Kuching. The variety is not as much as Yuen but I love their honey chicken wingssssss!!!!! Their home made pork balls are good. Wanna go there?