Friday, January 23, 2009

On the Auspicious Festival

It's finally here! I finally feel it. The festive mood, I mean.

Odd how I always function so, that I'll only feel happy or joyful when it's really near. Especially when it comes to long holidays like that of the Chinese New Year. And in the end, I'll come back to school yearning for more holidays. In fact, most of the time, I wasted 3 days settling down and getting into the holiday mood. But this time round, I told myself to enjoy my holidays right from the first day onwards.

I guess it must be the 'balik kampung' phenomenon. Saw it in the paper today, about how traffic is going to be very congested these two days. Especially when this auspicious festival falls on Monday. All the more reason for working adults to drive back home during the weekend. Imagine what nightmare it's going to be on the highways.

Colleague's been talking about their travel, departure on a bus, or a plane, or to skip the Friday's class and what not. Heck a whole lot of them from the Borneo Island left on their plane already. As far as I'm concerned, most of the Chinese counterparts took their own holidays days before the weekend. After all, who would want to go back just one day before the eve right?

Maybe it's our luck this year, having grandma passing just 2 months ago, and according to the tradition, there shouldn't be any major celebration within 100 days, Chinese New Year this year is a whole new meaning to me. I'm looking forward to go back to be with the family. All those worry aside, and the annoyed feeling of Mum calling every single night, I actually am looking forward to see both the parents again. Not to forget the siblings. And my home sweet home.

And yeah, I have been craving for food as well. Have already planned to stuff myself with the ever famous noodle we took pride of. And the 'siu mai' one will never taste over in Penisular Malaysia. It won't be any wonder if I come back from the one week break all fattened up and round.

The anticipation aside, I think I'll be spending my time in the room reading up on the textbook. I must I must I must. Seeing how dumb I was for the first half of the clinical year. I need to work hard this time. It's already the third posting, and if I still am not able to improve myself, I'm worried I might not even make it through this year alive. Then again, no, no excuse... I need to study.

So. Musings done, hereby wishing everyone a prosperous joyous Chinese New Year filled with warmth, health and wealth. Xin nin fai lok. :P

9 Jujus:

JD Cole said...

happy CNY~

hope u'll hva blast!! =)

Janvier said...

Kung Hey Fatt Choy!

TZ said...

Happy Chinese 牛 year... have a nice and safe trip back to your hometown eh!

aaronng88 said...

haha happy new year =p have a blessed one~

Glog said...

Happy Chinese New Year...
Here wishing you (in catonese but I will translate since you won't understand)

Sum Siong Si Sing (May Your heart desires come true)

Hok Yip Jun Po (Improvement in your studies)

Long Ma Jing Sun (Dragon Horse Sperm God... Hahaha you know this one right?)

[SK] said...

err, how come i have not feel CNY yet?? anyway, wishing you a happy healthy and wealthy one.. :)

Danny said...

its nice to hang around with families.. with or without the big cny celebration :)
rest well and enjoy ur holidays

foongpc said...

I hate the traffic jams these few days! Irritated me a lot!

Have a good CNY holiday! Wishing you a very Happy CNY!

Bengbeng said...

i dont know why but some how i cant imagine u 100% in yr room study study study. not you lah :)