Saturday, January 24, 2009

On Leaving on a Jet Plane

It was 6 in the morning when I was woken up by the alarm from the handphone. I opened my eyes to the glaring light of the flourescent tube. I must have forgotten to switched it off before I doze off 3 hours earlier. Turned the room upside down doing spring cleaning, on my half of the room. But actually, I was just rearranging the stuff, things will go back into a mess one week after I'm back from the holidays.

I went to pass some shit, wet my hair, brushed my teeth and off I went. It was still misty at 7 in the morning. Part of me complained of needing to wake up at such Godly hours on a beautiful Saturday morning, but another part of me was screaming in joy it's a one week holiday, and traffic was smooth. Reached sis's place half an hour before the taxi arrived, and slept the whole journey to the airport.

So, here I am, one hour before boarding the flight, sitting in on the not so comfortable bench in LCCT, gladful that wireless connection finally worked after 30 minutes literally rummaging through the files inside the lappie looking for interesting stuff. Oh you would never know what I find in here. LMAO.

But yeah, as gladful as I was, I finally got myself the song, on mp3 format. I was trying so hard to control myself so that I won't be doing the steps as how Bernard had taught me. I limit all those limbs movement down to the head only, so I was literally shaking my head to the song as I'm typing this post. Hopefully none of the other passangers saw me... LOL.

Anyways, odd as it may seem, sis and I were chatting on YM. She was with the brother in front of the departure gate, while I was at this end online using charger. Plane's arriving in 15 minutes, and off I shall go, leaving on a jet plane...

Ooooh, gaydar was ringing loudly earlier when we saw 2 young handsome guys in t-shirts and short pants. ding ding ding! :P Going to Langkawi apparently.

Jeez! Plane's not even here and all those kiasu passangers are already lining up already. What an embarrassment. Sigh.

7 Jujus:

Sam said...

Have a safe trip home! And Happy CNY! :)

Ban said...

Happy Chinese new year and safe travels!

Ban said... don't have to blog that you went to shit, right? @.@

Glog said...

Ahhh.. you seem to be checking out guys all the time in airports don't you?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

JD Cole said...

happy cny medie~

p/s: i bet a lot of gay couples are going for vacay this holiday season eh ;)

*Anton* said...

Wowee...Bong is gong home to mingles with all the aunts and deal with their "got gf ar?" queries.

BLessed New Year! ^_^