Monday, January 26, 2009

On Flying with the Lalas

All the kiasu citizens flying back in the same plane towards the place where we were born, or at least where we called home, kinda embarrassed me to think these people went queue up in front of the gate 15 minutes before it was opened. And us, we just sat at the back shaking our heads sighing, all these kiasu-s.

Or rather not. Gaydar ringing? Kinda cute don'cha think?

Smart as we were, we entered the plane amongst the last that we didn't get to sit together. Sis was on the other row near the aisle, brother was at the back while I purposely chose to sit in between the same guy in the photo and another single kid. All the lala-zai... Sigh...

Dozed off throughout the flight like everyone else did, until the plane flew through some clouds after the first hour. It shook profusely and bumped heavily. It's just like sitting through a 15 seconds ride of roller coaster, minus the twists and turns. All for the fun I was, but part of me kept on chanting "Amitahba" asking for a safe flight. God you have no idea how scared I was. Blardy pilot, ram into the clouds.

We were greeted by a grim cloudy sky when we reached the airport. Went into the terminal, got our identity cards checked, and off we went, picking our bags and walked to our loved ones. Lost sight of the metrosexual in tight shorts, but noticed the other kid entering into a grey Kelisa.

Mum greeted us with a big smile, shook sis's hand and tap on bro's shoulder. Me? I just walked passed her. And turned around smiling.

Mum: Goodness! What have come into you?
Me: *smiled*
Mum: You've changed! I can barely recognized you! The jeans and the jacket and that hat? Since when did you started wearing jeans?

On our way to lunch, sis made a remark that the plane was packed. And I added, with lala-zai and lala-mui.

Sis: Aren't you one already?
Me: I am NOT.
Bro: What's with the hat and the tight tee?
Me: Because I'm hot and cute. And what's with them?
Sis: I need a pail.

Dad: Seriously, you looked as if you were starved in Klang.
Me: My, thank you! You guys noticed!
Mum: Did you skip your meals?
Me: Can't help it. Food really sucks. Especially dinner.
Mum: Nevermind, we'll fatten you up.
Dad: And why wear that hat? You look really... weird...
Me: My colleague said I looked like some painter or director.
Mum: Definitely not someone in medicine...

Me: What did I said about me being a typical? Am not.

pathetic isn't it? To be online blogging on the first day of the Chinese New Year. LOL

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Sam said...

Shows that you've gotten fashion savvy. ;)

Ban said...

Oh, is that a beret? I used to wear a hat like that in england. Not sure what became of it.

I was going to blog, but since you say its sad to do so on first day so i changed my mind. :P

JD Cole said...

what sadness?

blogging is all abt passion~ XD

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

( Y )

Häppy ÇhínÉsÉ NÉw YÉär tô Ü

From Koala lar. :P

Medie007 said...

sam, gotten fashion savvy? mmm i like that. hahaha

ban, awww... dun la be like that, i was just kidding. LOL

cole, yeap, it's all about passion

khoala, happy cny to you too!

*Anton* said...

Oh my! Give me a call when u r hungry and I'll take you out for makan .... but only when I'm in Klang liao ok?

Wish you a safe return. ^_^

Medie007 said...

hahaha. anton, gimme your number. i'll sure to call. hahah

Jason said...

You lose weight? Keep it up! ^^