Thursday, May 10, 2018

[StoryTeller Ver0.2 Vol.2] Best Man

O'Brien sat across the table, smiling. We've known each other for years, I can barely remember how long, but it must've been over a decade at least. It just started with a snap, and we started our seemingly not quite compatible relationship as friends that easily.

"So... I've got a news for you."

We began hanging out at bars for drinks into wee hours of the morning, talking crap and what nots. We began going out for short trips just because we wanted to shoot a perfect picture of the sun rising in the eastern horizon. And we basically see each other almost everyday, with different activities, majority comprising of dinner and gym.

"Uhuh. Shoot. I'm all ears."

We kept in touch via text messages, short calls and most of the times via live messengers online. As time passes by, we got on with our lives. With our work, our relationships, and our families respectively. But we stood by each other, helping one another should there be any predicaments. We share everything that happened, including the darkest secrets even our mothers did not know. We were basically soul mate, in that sense.

"Promise me you won't be shocked!"

"Bring it on. I don't think I couldn't be able to handle it after what has happened."

And one day, he came to tell me he had been dating my twin sister! It was a surprising news! For the workaholic in us, I'm amazed he could even made time to go out dating with another lady for it was like we were basically hanging out whenever we got free time. Which was, pretty rare, for he's a manager of some sort for the airline company, while I've been running around managing my internationally-recognized designs. And the part of dating my twin sister, even I myself didn't know!

"I'm thinking of proposing. But I want your blessings."

But even after he's been dating, he never treat me less. I was brought to meet his girl as a surprise, and was introduced to her as the boyfriend. God it was so funny that my twin sister looked at us almost with her eyes popped out. But after much explanation, the three of us hang out more and more. And it felt so good that I got closer to my sister as the days passed by.

"Bravo buddy! You've got my blessings!"

"Not unless you become my best man."

"Hahaha. That's the least I could help out buddy!"

"Alrighty! There'll be 4 more guys, of which 2 of them are gay couple. I'm sure you know Kenny and Bernard."

"I'm fine with them, they're really cool people."

"The other two will be Kee Hong and Shawn. Here's their number, you better make sure I get my surprise!"

"Bugger you horny lad!"

And he laughed.

To be continued..

2 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

for real or just a story? LOL

What a cool brother :)

Unknown said...

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