Sunday, March 10, 2019

On HO-ship in Medie's P.O.V.

There comes a time when the final year medies would need to decide where we want to do our housemanship (HO-ship). What's with the new proposals of wanting to extend the bonding from 3 years to 5 years, bull-shit is what I say.

No, it's not because we're not passionate about medicine. It's because of the bloody lousy healthcare system.

With more and more medical colleges around, more and more private college graduates flood the government hospitals for HO-ship training. As a consequences of extending HO-ship from one year to 2 years, you get 2 batches of HOs in the hospitals; the senior HO and the junior HO.

And now we were told that we still don't have enough doctors in the peripheries, because why? The HOs are all crowding in the main hospitals. But then again, what was the cause of crowding hospitals? The bloody 2 years HO-ship to cater the small bunch of incompetent doctors, wherever they're from...

I'm not saying private medical schools produces incompetent doctors. But I'm just saying, just because you get good results and you think you're eligible to do medicine doesn't mean that you could just pay your way off medical school for the title.

It pisses me off when one of the patients' husband told me his son is doing medicine in Cyberjaya, and he's got exams every week and life's so hard and everything, that it shouldn't be so difficult. What the bull man?! You want your son to do medicine you stop complaining, you got him into this.

So we've been getting grave reviews of HO-ship in the country. Part of the misery comes from the grand workloads with little time to spare for friends and family. But another part of the misery comes from the HO needing to work with the incompetent HO from wherever they're from, and subsequently needing to help them finish off their jobs.

Incompetent doctors are out there because, I think partly because it's so easy to do medicine nowadays. Last I heard, there was only one medical university, and a few international twining campuses with Ireland and India. Then Australia set up theirs. Then before you know it, the private university colleges set up their own medical faculty. Like, wtf??? We used to study so hard so that we could be accepted into the medical school, and to be accepted was like, God send. Now? 50k and you're studying Anatomy and Physiology in some medical faculty in some private colleges.

No eye see, really.

I rest my case.

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