Monday, September 12, 2011

On the Klang Run4It 5

I think it's nice that they're organizing it in a series. Last year it was Run4it 4. This year it was Run4it 5. And it took place in Klang last Sunday. I wasn't entirely sober when I drove down at 5 in the morning; I was sleepy, and I was consuming well, enough units to actually make me talk nonsense. And I got home from a party at 2-ish?

And when I reached, I was lucky that there was an available spot just outside the junction to the stadium. Took a quick 10 minutes nap, though before I drove, I did had about 2 hours of sleep. But ah-my-gash! Running under the influence of alcohol is like... You mustn't slow down to walk or else you'd toppled to one side! LMAO. Just kidding. But I did, somehow just sorta steered to the left when I walked. People behind me would definitely know I'm under alcohol influence. Or I had a tumor in my brain I can't balance properly.

But my time was bad. I slowed down to walk after the first 4 km. Started out too fast perhaps, it was only the 3rd song on my mp3 player when I saw the signboard '10km to go'. I was like, "what the hell? I'm running at 9kmph at most, are they cheating us on the distance just to make us go faster?"

But of course, that trick failed on me, or somehow made me took things fore-granted. I walked like, a lot. And I finally reached the finishing arch completing the 12km route after 1 hour 32 minutes. HA-HA! Not a bad timing after 1 month hiatus during the fasting month. Ah well. I'm not turning pro. So it was okay. Besides, I couldn't even complete 10km in less than 1 hour despite all the running experience. So yeah. Whatever.

But then again, someone mentioned I ran not for health, but rather the finisher medal. Well, I actually was, running for health, in a way. I ran last Sunday to help overcome hangover. Woots! Wasn't even having any headache after I completed the run. Or well, I actually never had any headaches after alcohol anyways. LOL.

And the medal. Was. Actually. Well. Pretty. Much. The same as last year. But I still heart it.

Oh, about the party the night prior, I had a great time! Dude, your party rawked! Happy Birthday Vin!

5 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

so the next run is when?

Medie007 said...

taiping on 24 September.

William said...

Why run when you were drunk?

Medie007 said...

for the fun of it. its like you don even feel pain.

besides, I wasn't THat drunk. just high enough to talk to strangers.

[SK] said...

fuyoh, congratulations to another medal to your collection!! keep it up..