Thursday, July 07, 2011

On the Spontaneous Durians

On our way to the nursery, we passed by some stalls by the roadside selling durians. 3 for Rm10. And we got itchy.

And therefore, upon returning with the plants inside the car, we parked by the roadside, and headed to the stall.

Had a big 101 and that was like, the durian of the year. Admittedly, we don't always have durian. Ever since I fall really sick after eating too much durian when I was young, whenever we wanted to eat it again, the parents would be thinking twice.

But that day, it was more or less like a spontaneous decision. We tried the eat-all-you-can once in SS2, but Sis said that stall had long been closed down. I'm not sure myself, haven't been passing that area for a long time. But anyways, we would never, as far as I'm concerned, go for a durian buffet, fearing of falling sick again.

So that evening, we only had 2. Filling enough, we headed home for dinner soon after. LOL.

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Twilight Man said...

I just ate 1 durian for RM46.00 at SS2 but it was worth it. The durian buffet or Eat All You Can stalls are still open at SS2. Better trust your kor kor la.... I just went there on Sunday dei.

Robinn T said...

ehhhh durian rice the best la okay! i kinda refrain from taking durians nowadays, cause the burps and het after that is just kinda overwhelming, especially when u r hitting the gym later.

burp which smells so heavy like durian, so not sexy.

Small Kucing said...

The ss2 buffet still open. In fact it had multiplied. Now have like 3-4 stall offerring buffet. I just had some last week. Burnt a hole in he pocket.

Hey...i know this stall where u buy the durians. Nearby there is a petrol station right? LOL. There is a quite nice Chicken rice at the row of shops reflected in your photo

Gratitude said...

Ooo the yellow flesh looked really enticing

Chris said...

En.... not really like the durian smell.. :p

TZ said...

Thank you... no durian for me :p

Sugerprinces said...

After taking durian on Tuesday, i kept on vomitting and having diarrhea. too much pesticides in durian?