Wednesday, July 06, 2011

On the New Potted Plants

So the kor-kor was saying that cactus is not actually a good idea at the front door, as it repels not only the bad thingys, but also the good stuffs. Apparently, we only heard half of the so-called beliefs. And many readers left pretty negative remarks when I blogged about it last time too. Therefore, when the parents were here for their school holidays, I brought it up, and they thought we'd just move it towards the balcony and get something else.

And there we went again, to the nurseries in Sungai Buloh. We drove further down Guthrie Highway and landed in another nursery that looked very bushy. Went in and was looking at all the different kind of potted plants. Ideally something that doesn't require much taking care of, as well, I don't really have green hands.

So in the end, we ended up with this. Asked the worker to transfer it into a bigger pot to allow more room for growth.

After the rearrangement of the potted plants at home, me really lovey the bushes already. Mum said, it feels cooler somehow. LOL. I thought so too.

4 Jujus:

Twilight Man said...

Good boy! May this plant bring you abundance wealth and marital bliss soon.

Small Kucing said...

LOL...i was one of them :P

this plant is good.

Gratitude said...

Yesh, that's the one! *claps*

Thiruppathy Raja said...

Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.
Potted Plants