Monday, March 12, 2012

On Good ol' Sek-Yuen

Funny how I couldn't find the previous post about this restaurant. I vaguely remembered I post about it before. 'twas my third time there after +Ant+ brought me there for the first time. So the other day when the family was in town and we were looking for a place for brunch, and since Brickfields was no more there, Dad could only think of this one in Pudu.

Parked at the back where we came across some really odd sightings. Does it mean the restaurant still use charcoal for the cooking? LOL.

We tried not to digest too much on how the pots and plates were cleaned. After all, we remembered the food tasted really nice.

It is after all, quite an old restaurant. I mean, look at the design of the tiles. Where else could we find such tiles nowadays apart from our bathroom in our old house which was built like, more than 2 decades ago?

We ordered quite a feast. Though most of the time we were just okay okay without fully understood what the waitress was saying, i.e. how the dishes were to be cooked and all. When she was gone, Dad would ask, what did we order? And Sis and I would just say, some chicken and some vegetable, not knowing what cooking style they were. LOL.

But I suppose the climax was that we agreed to the waitress when she asked if we wanted some roast pork. It was simple succulent and juicy and just... delicious. SO much so that, Mum requested that we had a second serving because I finished up the first plate before she could have any. But too bad though, the second serving was full of fats... So yeah....

That was our first meal this year in KL with the brother after he was away for a year in Europe...

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[SK] said...

yeah, this is a very old shop, and i supposed the waitresses are old too??