Saturday, March 10, 2012

On the Khantoke Dinner

So we ended our night going for Khantoke Dinner, where we would be served Northern Thai cuisine and there'd be dance performances. So we were brought to a posh restaurant. Upon arrival at the counter, it was quite shocking to find that we had no reservation.

While the guide were on the phone with the tour agency, the waitress led us to the lawn, with a candle in our hand. And there were some ceremonies going on, praying for the King's well-being. But I already felt as though something was not right. Guide came back a while later asking if we wanted to stay. He said the tour agency booked another restaurant instead. Not knowing where the other one is, I thought we had enough looking at in the restaurant, so we agreed to go to the other one.

By the time we reached the other restaurant, we were led straight to our seat. Performances were starting soon. And dinner wasn't served just as yet. So we were still in time for everything.

But I can't help wonder if we were sort of 'down-graded' to a cheaper restaurant. Hmph. The former restaurant felt more posh. LOL.

We were seated on the ground. Ordered cocktails after all the mixed up earlier. Performance started soon after. Candle dance. If that's the name for it.

Our dinner came halfway during the first dance. It was a big tray with some smaller bowls in it. Can't really remember what were the dishes. But gotta say they were nice. Doesn't really suit my tongue to the extend that I'd have it again and again, but I wouldn't mind if I were asked to go for Northern Thai cuisine again.

Numerous performances followed suit; among which were the famous peacock dance and that one involving knives.

There was also a play, about the monkey king trying to woo some pretty lady.

And lastly the hill-tribe dance.

My two cents?

It's suitable for those who are into cultural dances and enjoys eating local food at an expensive price. But if this dinner cost more than 100 bucks per person, I wouldn't wanna go again.

It's not about the restaurant or the food. Perhaps it was just me. I thought I'm not the type who enjoys a whole 3 hours dinner with no free fills of food at a high price. LOL. I like it cheap and local. Not over-priced local food.

But oh well, our guided tour in the North were supposed to be a luxury tour anyway. LOLOLOL! It cost me RM2k per person!

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foongpc said...

Wah! That's rather expensive! Yeah you've been downgraded to a cheaper restaurant : )