Monday, September 28, 2009

On the one We Never Missed - Kheng Heong

Aiya, we're getting so fat already. Cannot eat so much. Must try to reduce on food. Less rice. Less fat. Less meat. More vegetable.

So where do we eat tonight?

DSC_0341-800 by you.

Every other time that the parents are in KL and when dinner's concern, there's only 2 'tai chao' comes into mind. One of them would be Kheng Heong in Brickfields. There's nothing much to introduce considering this restaurant is pretty well known amongst folks staying in the city.

We first came to know about this little shop in Brickfields a year ago when one of Dad's former staff brought us there for late dinner. What was planned to be a dinner led to us being brought back to his home introduced to his parents and we were only drive to Brickfields by 10 at night. We were lucky the shop was still open. Having starved since 7pm, I was pretty sure Dad almost went berserk while we were still at his humble home somewhere in Cheras.

But it was worth the wait then because Dad never forgot the humble shop tucked away next to the police headquarters in Brickfields. Operating since decades ago, this restaurant lived up to its name and still delivers the most delicious food we ever tasted, in reasonable price too!

So while the parents were over in KL, we never missed this place. The last time that they were here in August, we had another feast there as expected...

Drumstick chicken. Nice.

DSC_0348-800 by you.

Stir fry kailan. Nice.

DSC_0352-800 by you.

Some soup. Nice.

DSC_0351-800 by you.

Pork with yam. Nice.

DSC_0355-800 by you.

Tofu. Nice.

DSC_0354-800 by you.

Curry lala. Not so nice...

DSC_0353-800 by you.

We walked out of the shop totally satisfied after dinner, although the brother claimed that he had to loosen his belt. Our taste buds experienced total heaven then. And it sums up nicely to just 120bucks. Tee-hee.

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Danny said...

i can see that their selling point is the quality.. not presentation of the food..:)
i love a home-operated 'taichow' stall who sells 'man yeemin' .. so juciy n big portion n cheap...
maybe i shld go towards that direction.. since i dun really have the presentation.. just hope for more quality lo horr? ;p

foongpc said...

No need any introduction? I haven't been there before! Nice food! : )

foongpc said...

So getting fat? Don't eat so much rice and meat lah! But easier said than done right? : )

[SK] said...

i have been there couple of times, not bad at all especially the drumlets.. if your'll go further down, there's another nice same-level restaurant just opposite KL Sentral called "Sin Kee", that is our regular lunch venue whenever our SG boss comes over..


ooo~ seems not bad wo....or maybe it is just the way u shoot them? :) yummy

manglish said...

haaa...i think iknow the place...they are also famous for their "man fan" one right?

Gratitude said... venue for you to buy us dinner then. :P

Jerry said...

Aiyaya , more vegetables but I see some Chicken and Pork oh... Can't resist the temptation after all hehe...

savante said...

The pork with yam looks super delish!

Twilight Zone said...

Hey Fatty, I could not find that shop laaaa... So you need to bring me there, hokay. Plus what Anton just said - You Treat Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!