Friday, September 25, 2009

On Food Hunting in PJ - Duck King Jaya One

Okay, here's a grave review of this shop. Like it or not, it's a one time visit for me. Lots would've disagree on me with this, but first impression counts, and they didn't do anything to change my first impression.

DSC_0366-800 by you.

Yes, food was great. But the attitude was utterly bad. We entered Duck King because Mum wanted to go someplace where we would be protected from the rain, and Jaya One was the nearest we could think of, considering it was fasting month then, and all the Halal places such as Wendy and KFC would all be crowded.

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So Duck King we went, and we were led to sit at this table smacked right in the middle of the restaurant. Not a favourable seat, we wanted something more secluded, some place where we could eat in more privacy. While we were contemplating to sit at the side table near the window, the waitresses were signalling amongst themselves. One of the senior waitress asked the younger waitress to make sure we sat there, when the younger waitress shurgged her head and raised her shoulder and put on this ugly face with skewed mouth and pout lips and she open here eyes wide giving clear answers like "They don't wanna sit here!"

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I mean, it's not like we're being all fussy and everything right? Mum just asked if we could changed to somewhere along the wall as it's pretty cold on that table, and they gave all sort of excuses like the corner tables are colder and what not. Hello! Customer always come first!

DSC_0378-800 by you.

Not only that, when Mum and Dad were ordering, the pot of tea arrived. It's only instinct that I wanted to pour the tea into our cups right? But this old lady snapped quickly, "Wait wait! Let the smell come out first." Blardy woman, you're scared your tea wouldn't taste nice is it? Even so, watch out that tone! We were already touchy with that attitude of your 'daughter' and now you're being bitchy with us?

DSC_0379-800 by you.

Dad ordered about 6 dishes, knowing how small portion all those dishes would be. Tofu was nice alright. There was a special dish of fried lotus root or something, nothing fancy. Their recommended vegetable dishes were, in some way special, but didn't really entice me. Ginseng chicken soup was normal, Mum cooks better. BBQ duck and pork was the only nice dish that night, but being a high-end restaurant, it barely feeds the 5 of us.

DSC_0376-800 by you.

When the bill came later, it was a whooping 170 bucks. We could've had 2 meals in that 'tai-chao' in SS2! Not to mention the dishes there didn't taste too bad compared to Duck King. It wasn't worth the food served. Definitely not a nice dinner. Not to forget, the waitresses were literally LOOKING AT US while we were having our dinner like a hungry hawk waiting to capture its prey.

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When we walked out from the shop, the young waiter who shrugged and smirked at her elder earlier smiled so ever sweetly, "Thank you, please come again!"

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Mum said, "See, she greets so nicely!" And the rest of us just rolled our eyes, because we "managed" to pay the bill, with dad's credit card some more. Rest assured, Dad was in t-shirt and shorts, sis was in some cheapskate tee she brought from the club that she joined years ago, while I was in some broadshorts and flip-flops. Not that kind of dresses to eat in Duck King?

It was definitely a one time visit. No more 2nd. Later on Mum said their BBQ pork wasn't as nice as the one we had back in our hometown even. Not sure if she was just adding more salt, I never visited the one in our hometown myself. But all in all, on a scale of 10, Duck King scored 7 for ambience, 5 for food, 3 for price and 1 for attitude.

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[SK] said...

the food looks nice to me, or perhaps just the photography skills?? haha.. well, those kind of attitude just cannot survive anymore, unless the food is so nice that we couldn't bear with it, i think they will soon have problem with such kind of service..

A Common Singaporean said...

Bad service sucks.

I am not sure if its your camera or your photography skill, but the food looks quite good.

Your mum seem like a nice lady, and very easy person, that she mentioned the smile on the waitress when you left the restaurant.

For what you describe, it would have me fuming mad!

Peng Loon said...

gosh... wanted to give it a try.. definitely not going to now!

manglish said...

i heard there is always a line waiting out front,is tat true?

Gratitude said...

Wah! you make a real good flogger. Btw, the 2 biatches need some flogging too. mwahahaaha

p/s you forgot to rate on the level of MSG used.

foongpc said...

I hate it when the waitresses stare at me while I am eating. So rude!!

And if they don't want to give me the place I like to sit, I usually leave!

Unless their food is to die for, then I'll overlook all the above. haha!

TZ said...

Duck King ... I would say Dark King... coz you pay money to get bad service ... I got exactly the same treatment when i was wearing a very casual wear... but going with my business friends in business wear. the service is different...

Ladies, please wear a big and shinning diamond ring and necklace... Gentlemen, please flash your platinum card in front of those waitresses and waiters... It's Hong Kong style. What would you expect eh~

So do you really wanna this kind of restaurant?

ckw said...

LOL at least now i know the food suck..

she can really greet nicely allrighhttyyyyyy =p

SJ said...

double K restaurant. haha. like the greenery of the vege.

From me to you, suejean =)

L M said...

Your mom was fooled by the sweet smile of the waitress -.-

Unpleasant dinner makes my day worse.

Twilight Zone said...

Arrgh I will never go there after hearing your ratings! I'm sitting alone at Secret Recipe now and the Penguin waitresses here serve me well like a Duck King! LOL.. I really could feel what is good and bad service right now while reading your post.