Thursday, January 05, 2012

On the Heading Back Home

Mum was asking of me to head home earlier before Chinese New Year and stay there till the 15th so that I could 1. help out with the house cleaning; 2. Visit all my relatives before I start work; 3. spend more time at home because it's a dog's life once I work.

No objection about the later 2 reasons. But... but... I don't want to clean the house! I can help out clearing out my stuff. After all, I've had great experiences and enjoyed myself throwing away heaps of books and old notes and, well, some old clothes. Or maybe some collectibles (God knows why I keep all the junks like price tags or cards). LOL. The thing is, my hometown isn't really as developed as in the Klang valley. I doubt there was any recycling for charity. I mean, I'm not sure. But according to my mum, she ransacked the entire city for a place that could take in old TV and found none.

PLUS, if I were ever to be posted to all the rural areas in the future, I want to make use of all the remaining time I have in the city, no?

Where else can we get super huge-arse mall in *ahem* say, Sibu? Sanyan Mall is a mall? I want The Curve! and Pavillion! And Mid Valley!

Or joining a commercialized chain gym that offers Les Mills cardio classes that is packed to the brim in the evening? NO, I'm not actually keen in joining Kenny Sia's gym.

Or even for all the little list that I planned to do during my post-exam-cum-pre-work holiday i.e. skydiving, learning Korean, scuba dive e.t.c.?

But Mum being Mum... 5 years away and only short 1-week break in between every year... She misses my presence at that old house. I suppose I could make use of a breakaway sometimes, but life in KL/PJ for the past half a decade really has brain-washed me. BOOO!

So yeah, you know it's going to be quite a heavy heart when I move back. *sobs*

But alas, I had to follow Sis to fly back like, 1 week before the Chinese New Year, and keep the returning date open still. But as far as I'm concerned, I don't even feel like celebrating Chinese New Year this year. Despite it might be the last time I might ever spent as long a time back in my hometown, I still like to be in KL.

Expect packing on at least 5kg of weight! T_T

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reanaclaire said...

Good to go home one week earlier to avoid the hustle and tussle.. so you prefer KL life already? I only go there for holidays, if given a choice, i still prefer to stay in smaller towns.. but of course, me old liow.. young people like you think otherwise.. hahaha..

[SK] said...

i think it's good that you go back earlier, cos i really believe in reason 3.. once you work, hardly would you be able to even think of going back hometown.. :p

Small Kucing said...

hey...stay longer can collect more angpau la :)

Medie007 said...

Sigh. Lots of issue because i haven't work yet.

Gratitude said...

You've made it sound as if going home is such a torture! :P

foongpc said...

I don't like cleaning the house too! But do appreciate your balik kampung and enjoy your CNY! : )