Wednesday, January 04, 2012

On Traveling Thailand Preludes

So anyways, traveling in Thailand wasn't just limited to Bangkok as how I portrayed it to be in the short 3 days Bangkok-related posts prior to Christmas. Like I mentioned in my 2011 roundup post, end of 2011 was actually near to a whole month of traveling (somewhat). And I totally loved it.

I was in Thailand for 16 days. Back in December 2011.

Some would actually wonder what the heck could we do with such a long period of time in Bangkok. I assure you, LOTS. MANY! GAZILLION! I am totally in love with the country. But of course, coming from KL, I think I prefer Bangkok over Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai or Mai Sai or Mae Hong Son. Pai is nice for a breakaway. But Sukhothai is indeed, a great heritage.

And that isn't even including some of the initial itinerary which we took out because of time constrain, i.e. Ayuthaya, Kanchanaburi and Pattaya... Or the route that we leave for next time i.e. Isan on the Northeast...

And then there're too many things to share! The food, all the "Firsts", the people, the nightlife *blush*, the train system, the tuk-tuks... and the flood!!!!

I didn't actually know where to start. I have too many photos. 16 days. 2 regions. 5 provinces. 1 metropolis. And numerous Baan.

And I'm missing my days on the road already now. T_T

So yeah, I hate to think about work. My heart skipped a beat whenever I was reminded about it.

5 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

lol...then take time off and go travelling la before settle down to work

Gratitude said...

Aren't you blessed?!

[SK] said...

so is this 16D thailand trip a spontaneous one?? haha.. :p

Medie007 said...

small kucing... am planning to. :)

grat, i do.

SK, nop... this is so totally planned, like months beforehand. :)

Twilight Man said...

16 days is a long time. Can you speak Thai now?