Friday, January 06, 2012

BKK: Chicken Duck Talk

When we first arrived in Bangkok on our first day of this 2 weeks traveling, we took a taxi to our first night stay in Sakul House located in Khao San Rd., famous amongst the backpackers. The taxi driver stopped us outside Soi Rambuttri, and us, not knowing where exactly is the place walked to the other end of the road before turning around to find that we were stopped just right outside the junction leading to our hotel. Naturally we saw lots of cafes and massage place crowded with all the ang-mohs and such. Perhaps we were the only Asians walking around with luggage that night. (Yea, we arrived near midnight).

When we checked in, we asked if the travel agency left any packages for us. (We made purchase of a train ticket for a later travel that would be dropped off at a hotel where we would check-in in Bangkok.) I read about the receptionist being poor in English, and communication might be difficult. But honestly, until you encounter it yourself, you wouldn't understand what anyone mean at all. LOL! Culture shock #1! LOLOLOL.

Us: Is there any train ticket for us?

Receptionist: Train? Yes yes.

And she look at us. Smiling.

Us: Yes. Train ticket. Travel agency? Come? Ticket in envelope. For me. Bong. Me.

I started to use my hands. And cut all my sentences into single word.

Receptionist: Train? Where? No no no. Tomorrow.

I started to panic. Couldn't be the next day, as the travel agency we contacted informed us that the train ticket had been left at the front desk counter.

Us: No no. Today. Train ticket. For us. We go Chiang Mai. Ticket bought online internet.

Receptionist: Chiang Mai yes. North. Train yes, can go.


But yeah. The dramatic hands flew all over the place trying to get her to understand that the travel agency should've left the package on the front desk and we could collect it upon our checking in. We were panicking yes, but we weren't really angry. Now that I blogged about it, it's pretty funny.

But yeah, we finally did managed to get her to understand and she took out all her letters. And we saw the enveloped addressed to me. Finally headed to bed.

The train ticket had never felt so precious. LMAO!

Sakul House, Soi Rambuttri, Bangkok

5 Jujus:

[SK] said...

what is that on the bed?? i mean the elephant.. pillow wrapped with towel?? haha.. nice!!

Medie007 said...

yup... they did some elephant with the towels. the body is of a big shower towel. and the head and trunk is a small face towel.

doc said...

must be a posh hotel to make elephants out of towels. the only other i've seen is the hollywood hotel in disneyland HK.

i'm 100% sure you'll enjoy yourself, provided the people in red or yellow shirts don't cause trouble.

Medie007 said...

doc, not really posh lor... but good enough i think

Small Kucing said...

really frustrating ah with the language problem . Gld it ends well