Saturday, January 07, 2012

BKK: Walked 'Till Drop... (Prt1)

... Literally.

Okay. Pardon me. But I shall have this travel dissected by HOUR. LOLOLOLOL!

Day 1. Woke up at 7am local time when none of the shops were opened yet. Must be my biological clock still set at Malaysian time. But even the better, early bird catches the worms 'aye? We walked along some main road towards the river when we first came across this fort seen on the left lower corner on the satellite picture above called Phrasumane Fort; what's left of the wall that used to surround the old Bangkok. Didn't stay long as the fort wasn't opened to public.

Spent some time in the Santichai Prakan Public Park just adjacent to the fort where there were also a Royal Pavilion. Can't really remember the Thai name though.

But I don't really think I'd go into the details just as yet, because if I do that, by the time I got to the Grand Palace, you whoever decided to read would just give up. LMAO! That was how slow we went along the road. By foot that was.

Water level of the river were still quite high. Sandbags could still be seen in some places, especially the palaces which were converted into some other buildings for the police for instance.

Walked the whole stretch of the road and time was passing reaaaallly slow. Honestly! We thought we had spent like, almost half a day at the park, but by the time we were at the Sanam Luang, i.e. the field outside the Grand Palace, it was merely 10am!

Coincidentally, the weekend that we were there, it was the King's Birthday. Stage were set up. Decorations put up. Chairs and all. And the main road where Silpakorn University and Wat Mahathat was, was sort of like, lined with food stalls and such for the public and tourists alike.

Friend said we arrived at the ULTIMATE attraction of Bangkok, i.e. The Grand Palace. And I was like, "Oh so soon? Nehmind, we walk around outside first."

Stopped by at a stall selling local coffee and bought some latte when we heard cannonballs and a while later... Balloons in the sky...

"Damn! We should've gone into Sanam Luang!"

Satellite screen shot of the Sanam Luang (i.e. the field), Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple.
We stayed in (Red Pin A)

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[SK] said...

well, you never expect to do more walking in a trip?? most probably add up to one year quota of walking back home, hahahaha~~

Twilight Man said...

Looks like you should be my tour guide if I ever visit BKK with you. The Thais don't go to places like you did. They take me to far and far places out in the country...just to eat.

Medie007 said...

Lol but u get to eat nicefood!