Sunday, January 08, 2012

BKK: Thawon Watthu Building

OMG I'm so proud I can like, blog events happened in a day by the hours. LOLOLOLOL! Okay. Just kidding.

We came across this place facing Sanam Luang called the Thawon Watthu Building. If you search on Google, you won't find much information of this building on Wikipedia. You would probably come across photologs of some other people who posted the exterior window of this row of restored building, but not much has been explained about it.

Now, here's the perks of having an SLR and 10GB of memory card when you travel. Not forgetting the 16GB of thumb-drive to transfer the photos from the SD memory card when they're full. You get to snap snap snap snap snap and snap photos in high resolution to the extend that you could even read all those tiny words on a pamphlet.

Good right? No wonder now "Everyone can SLR". -.-" (Yes I get annoyed with chicks holding the SLR the other way round and snap photo of themselves. YUCK!)

SO, back to Thawon Watthu Buidling.

The only photo that has a part of the signboard explaining what it is all about for tourist that I have in my 16GB of photos in this trip... was... actually...

Covered. By TZ with his cup of chilled Americano.



But 'nyways, here's what I know. It's restored. There used to be 3 corns on top of the middle portion of the building. Like that of Angkor Wat. But it collapsed, and I deduced that the structure couldn't support the 'corns' when they were doing the restoration work.

If you go across one of the door, you'd come to this other HUGE temple called Wat Mahathat (as seen on the satellite map).

And at this moment, I deduced that as this building was built during King Chulalongkorn's reign, the hallway was converted into a King Chulalongkorn Memorial Exhibition.

However, I'm not so sure if it's a permanent exhibition.

Okay, my mistake, there is actually a webpage explaining about Thawon Watthu Building. LOL It says, this building was actually built to commemorate the death of the King's crown price, and was later to be donated to the monks of the temple for studying purposes. But the construction was only completed in the next King's reign, who turned the building into a city library.

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hahahaha!! i like that statement of chicks holding the SLR the other way round to snap themselves!! :D

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Thanks for the reminder to bring extra memory cards when it will my turn to travel.Your last photo is interesting.