Monday, January 09, 2012

On Rooms For Rent

I don't know about you, but I have definitely encountered similar situation before when I desperately needed to look for a room to stay that is. It gets worse when you don't have the luxury of a time. As you'd need to relocate in the shortest time possible, considering the time frame that you have before you needed to settle down for work and study or what nots, sometimes it'd just leave one crying helplessly.

But fret not!

Now that I've came across this website on the net about room renting services, situation gets much easier. You don't have to go through some agent who'd suck half a month rental from you, or even more (Personal experience). And it's none other than iBilik where you have the preference of browsing through numerous of listings in the area of your preference... I'm sure some you've seen it somewhere. Or heard it somewhere. But it just never comes into mind when you really need it.

Come on, it's all over the taxis! LOL. Yes, I never thought about it too, until I was reminded when I Googled for rooms.

So yeah, I too was desperately looking for someone who could help me out in sourcing a room. But more often than not, it boiled down to some agents who would come to you with numerous documents and requirements and before you know it, you just signed the contract without giving in much thought, because you were just too confused. Adding that to the stress of relocating. Situations can be very overwhelming at times.

Therefore, when I came to know about this website, things started to be more calming. Not too much just as yet, I have yet to find a suitable room.

Mum said, It's different now, you have to learn to grow up. Like it or not, relocating is going to be a stress factor. Despite having been to and around the place for vacation and visits, nothing is ever the same like that of moving permanently to the area.

The only drawback is, sometimes, the website doesn't really explain what the condition of the room is all about. Okay, perhaps it was just me. But I'd like it if there's a glossary somewhere. What's common room by the way? Hmph.

And... Why is it that everyone who's looking to rent the rooms are looking for females? Males don't get to rent? Hmph.

But that shall not stop me from searching. Just like how the Mandarin proverb goes, '衣食住行', a place to set foot in is one of the 4 main survival criteria. Without a nice house, how else could we live?

The website is pretty neutral. Some comes in expensive, others are pretty affordable. It'd help if there would be more information, i.e. pictures of the rooms and what nots. But beggars can't be choosers no? Yes yes, speaking right from the heart of a person who is desperately looking for a room.

God bless me. May I find a nice room soon.

PS: Rooms/Units advertised covers Malaysia, Indonesia as well as Singapore!