Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On Clothes Recycling: Community Recycle for Charity

I've known all along that there were some places that receive clothes for recycling, but I just didn't know where. So after asking a few friends and did some research online, I came across this NGO called the PKMMKS Community Recycle for Charity.

So after I cleared out from hostel last month, I did some spring cleaning at home as well. Mum and Sis were complaining that I have too much clothes, and they suggested that I look into it, maybe get the ones I no longer wear to charity or something. But the thing is, I told them, I could still fit into all my clothes! It's not like I've grown out of them or something.

But in the end, I did sort of agreed that my wardrobe is too huge for one person. And finally I spent one whole day diving into that huge pile of clothing and start sorting out the ones that are still good enough to be recycled; and some other torn clothes to be thrown away.

Found out that the red recycling boxes that I've been seeing all over the place in residential areas are actually the ones that I came across on the website. But the thing is, I have never really paid any attention on where these boxes exactly are. It's just like, when you don't really need it, you see it; but when you really want it, you just couldn't remember where you've seen it.

So after calling up their management office to locate where the nearest bin is, I headed to this one in SS2. Took me a while to locate it, after all, it was a maze inside the residential area. But it was definitely a heavy heart when I get them bags placed inside the orange box.

Goodbye my good old shirts and pants...

Yay! My cupboard looks nice and neat again.

ps: I've also attached the links of this awesome organization, in case anyone from the Klang valley needed some help. They accepts old bulky electronics and furniture as well! Do head over to their website to read more. :D

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Small Kucing said...

You dont have to go and find leh. They will come and collect from your hse if you are donating a lot. I did that.

Medie007 said...

haha Small kucing, i dunno mar. first time i ever did this kind of spring cleaning. LOL! besides, just a few bags of baju only...

james farr said...

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am doing some work on behalf of Bishop’s Move, a family owned removal company in the UK. We’re looking to raise awareness of their charity collaboration with leading charity Scope UK.

They are now working with Scope to offer an exclusive ‘De-clutter Service’, accepting items like clothes, shoes, bags, electrical, bric-a-brac, etc. These will then be donated to Scope who will sell them in their high street charity shops and deliver what can’t be sold in The UK to countries in need of resources, therefore avoiding these items ending up on landfill. This partnership will help Scope raise much needed funds

I’ve been looking at your blog
and I think given your focus on sustainability and recycling this would be a fantastic place to mention of the new ‘De-clutter Service’ we offer. We have a great slideshare that shows the Scope and Bishops’ move journey and gives some more details about the benefits of the partnership which we would be happy to supply as content for your blog in exchange for a mention if you’re interested?

Please let me know if this is something you may be interested in.

Kind regards,

James Farr
Online Community Liason SiteVisibility

Ev. C said...

Hey where's the recycle bin? Can post a location pin? I have some closets-full to get rid off too. =D