Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the [Incomplete] Christmas Decoration in The Curve

So I have been hanging out in The Curve a lot. Like, almost everyday. Because it's within walking distance from Sis's place and, well... there's Ikea and Starbucks. 3 Starbucks to choose from. LOL! But that aside, I've actually been witnessing the transformation of the mall, or the street mall more like it, into something Christmas-y!

So these are like, a series of photos taken over different days. The huge tree in front of e@Curve particularly, was after a week.

Before the huge tree was lighted, mistletoe were already hung over the Street, which really gave the whole place the festive atmosphere.

Finally one find day as I returned after settling some official stuff with the university, I came noticed that the ornaments were finally up! Nearly.

And the castles inside The Curve too! Nearly too.

I tried to come back again a few days later to see the whole Street and the Christmas tree being lighted up. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances and business, I was not able to show you the end product of the mall in their Christmas decoration!

The last I saw of the place, some more works are still going on.

[Post written on 1/12/2011. To see the whole place lighted up, why not head down there and enjoy it? Share with me your pictures too! XD ]

White Christmas

4 Jujus:

Danny said...

hmm .. it's a bit hard for me to choose the best Mall Xmas Decor this year.. cos everyone seemed to cut down budget on the decor.. a bit disappointing :p

Small Kucing said...

the 1st photo is it crysenthemum? Looks a bit like preparing for CNY. Guess most mall saving budget for CNY since Christmas and CNY are so near to each other. I used to love walk around the mall looking at the christmas decoration

Tempus said...

how close are you to these malls anyway??!!!

foongpc said...

I like the Xmas trees at The Curve! But it was not as good as the previous years.