Friday, December 09, 2011

On the Balinese Christmas Flag

I think. If that's what it's called.

Bought this from one of the stalls in concourse level at 1 Mont Kiara blogged yesterday. Was looking for something to decorate Sis's place to make it more... Christmas-y... I'm not a Christian admittedly, but I do celebrate Christmas, some what. As how a friend put it, I'm pumping money into the Malaysian economy. Good samaritan no? LOL.

Was actually looking for something like that of the Chinese New Year earlier this year (though someone commented it looked like marriage decoration LOL). Something I'd stick on the door. But a mistletoe ring would be too much for keep sake later on.

And just as I was about to get one of those metal decoration for Christmas tree, I saw the flag.

Bought one at RM10, and brought it home for the potted plant just in front of the main door.

Sis came back wondering what has got into me! LMAO!

It's Christmas! It's Christmas!

2 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

LOL...kena struck by Christmas mood

[SK] said...

doesn't look any balinese to me though~~ @_@