Thursday, December 08, 2011

On the X'mas Deco 1 Mont Kiara

Despite all the bad experiences with 1 Mont Kiara about a month back regarding the parking issues (which pretty much fell on deaf ear with the management of the mall), I was there again earlier this week.

Came out to see what ugly Christmas tree it was. No pun intended. It was day time and well, I'd prefer to see Christmas tree the traditional way with leaves and greens and ornaments and all. But of course, when I was back later in the evening, it was actually lighted up.

And I changed my mind.

Though the stalls were yet to be fully set up.

I've always thought the stalls set up in this mall was to cater for the expats living around in the Mont Kiara neighborhood. Doof bags were abundants. Haven't seen a proper shop that sells this. And the last deco during Halloween, there were stuffs that I hardly see in Mid Valley before; not referring to the Halloween costumes of course... Or maybe that just shows how little I've been to the malls, having been hanging out in The Curve all the time. LOL.

But anyways, when it the decorations were finally completed, I thought it was very pretty. Definitely not traditional. But something fine. And wacky. And pretty cute in its own way. Me likey!

Happy Christmas shopping everyone.

I know I did. Want to know what I bought? Heeeeheeee XD

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Danny said...

wht u bought or me? lol ;p