Monday, December 12, 2011

On Claiming Free Starbucks Drink

One thing I learnt from this Starbucks craze just to collect the 2012 planner rather than getting it off the shelf for RM88 (which is still far more expensive than the selling price of non-Starbucks planner), is that sometimes I am really crazy. About certain things that is. Look at the amount of free drinks that I have from Starbucks! Even the barrista got a shock, "Fuyooo! You have so many rewards!"

Well, I didn't replied. System glitch for the earlier 1 month didn't allow me to claim my planner. All my transactions didn't show-up. So, other than the one that comes with registration of a Starbucks card, I've already purchased over 30 over-rated drinks, which entitled me 3 free drinks that comes with every 10 purchases.

And therefore, I have also finally gotten enough to redeem a planner! WOOOHOO!!!! YAY YAY!

But then again, due to the system glitch, I was unable to get my planner today. Doesn't matter. I'm in good mood. Christmas around the corner. Happy happy merry merry. So I said, nehmind, I can come claim another day. XD

And so, a free grande-sized iced signature hot chocolate for free. After spending like what, RM120? LOL!

3 Jujus:

doc said...

you're like a walking coffee plantation!

how can you sleep at all??

Small Kucing said...

Got buy Starbuck shares or not?

[SK] said...

a free drink after like RM120 spent?? well, that's about 10% discount, hmmm, not really a good one~~ :p