Friday, December 23, 2011

On the Big Airline Confusion

Remember when I said we were to fly on Etihad few days back?

So when it was actually nearing the date of our flight, we thought we'd do an online check-in. But the frustrating thing is, our record didn't seem to exist! We gave up and decided to head to the airport early to check in manually in the end.

Went about looking at the departure time for check-in counter and guess what we noticed.

It was actually Egypt Air. =.="

Thing is, the friend whom we asked (about which airline to fly on) suggested that we flew Egypt Air earlier on, and we didn't get it from him straight away. We waited for a bit and contemplated for a bit. So when we went to the travel fair, and we finally got the cheapest rate, it was still Egypt Air; and so we purchased the ticket instantly, because it was only about 1 month to our flying off. And the salesgirl told us it was Egypt Air. But everything they portrayed was Etihad. The backdrop of their booth, the envelope, and the whole vibe prolly. And we went home thinking it was Etihad. We knew we would be flying Egypt Air, but the invoice that she gave was placed in an Etihad envelope.

And so, for the whole one month I thought Egypt Air = Etihad.

And boy was I wrong for assuming that for the whole one month.

Egypt Air actually has their own check in counter in KLIA. =.="

Suaku me! LOL!


3 Jujus:

[SK] said...

why Egypt Air = Etihad?? never have a link in between what~~

Small Kucing said...

me also dont know leh

anyway, coming here to wish you a Merry Christmas...ahem...just in case tomorrow i tak sempat drop by :p

Medie007 said...

Sk, tak tau mar... the travel agency gave the ticket in etihad folder, so i ma suakoo thought its the same lor...

small kucing, u too eh!!