Saturday, December 17, 2011

On Flying on Etihad

So this is also a back-dated post.

I have this delusional habit of keeping something uncertain to myself until I'm really certain of it before I tell anyone about it. And purchasing tickets for my graduation trip is one if it.

But seeing the probability that most airfare is gonna go skyrocket by the time I can confirm my going for a trip somehow made me agreed to purchase it before I was sure I could go. So in a way, it was like, "I die die must go, or else I'm gonna waste this sum of money!"

Therefore, months back when I went shopping for air tickets, I already sort of know how much it would cost, as I've already consulted a friend working in the traveling line. But I headed to the travel fair anyways.

After much 'window-shopping', I finally settled for the same airline that the friend suggested. It was after all the cheapest amongst them all; although it appeared expensive when you could get it at half the price I paid for.

But anyways, I think it's a money worth spent. Finally I get to travel! Woohoo!~ Maybe my last for a long time to come too. Boohoo~


Flying on Etihad! YAY!

Where to, you asked? Check back in again tomorrow. :D