Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the Deja Vuu Cheese Cake

Following the coupon on Lecka-Lecka Italian Gelato earlier, I came across another deal from

This time, it was the Deja Vuu Cheese Cake from the Deja Vuu Station!

I tried their cheese cake before when another friend of mine bought similar coupons, but I didn't blog about it back then. But I thought, as it is the holiday season, and the parents would be here, I would get more so that everyone could have a taste of what the cheese cake would be like.

There are 7 flavors in total when I first saw on the website. But when I went over to claim my purchase, there was no Tiramisu flavor. The lady manning the station was very friendly, and apologized profusely. I mean, I didn't mind at all. I didn't complain or throw any tantrums. But I just thought, for once there was someone who was nice around.

I took home 6 flavours in the end.

The lady at the Deja Vuu Station advised that the cakes should be eaten cold too. And upon checking the instructions on the label, it was stated that the cakes should be placed in the freezer. Expiry date was 2013!

Taste wise, it was pretty much like ice cream with some cakes inside it. Some are a little bit too sweet, but generally they are great. Warning though, take one at a time, and not more. Or else you'd feel nauseous. LOL.

But I love the lemon cheese cake. It comes with a tinge of sour behind your tongue, so you could go on and on and before you know it, finished already? LOL

3 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

huh 2013???why so long ...means got preservative a lot lo?

[SK] said...

that's so small a cup, sure not enough to taste before it's finished, haha!! how much is a cup ah??

Medie007 said...

haha SmallKucing, i think so. haha.

SK, can't remember wor. i got this voucher long time ago... but is less than 10 each for sure.