Saturday, December 24, 2011

On Getting Stranded in Bangkok

So there was this interesting encounter that we had in Bangkok. If you do remember, I blogged about sitting in Starbucks for hours on end reading up and looking for information about hotel and opening hours and fees and fares and what nots. That hogging-up-a-nice-couch-in-Starbucks moment also include booking of accommodation in the City of Angel. With no idea where to stay, we ended getting a room via some travel agency who'd get our booking settled. So with the payment being through and all, and equipped with the payment voucher, we happily walked to the hotel just outside a BTS station.

"Sawadeekarp... Here to check in please..." And I handed the receptionist our voucher and passport.

She looked at the voucher, and the passport, and talked to her fellow front-desk friends in Thai... And then walked to the back. 5 minutes later she came out...

"Sir, the booking voucher here is January 2012. But if you want to amend the date, we still can get you the room today. But you have to call this booking agent."

We looked at the date on the voucher and to our horror, Oh-my-God! Indeed, instead of December, it was printed as January 2012. How could we be so careless?!

So we called the booking company in Singapore, and was told that they couldn't do anything, and we were asked to call the travel agency. But with no free wifi, and no number on the voucher, we almost had heart attacks. We paid for the room already of course. And if we were to go for another hotel, that'd mean we'd lose a sum of money; though if we did that there'd be a huge hissy-fit drama when we got back to Malaysia. But that aside, it was a weekend, and school holidays in Malaysia and Singapore, hotel rooms were scarce! Though I was pretty sure we could get one around nearby, guesthouse or hostels whatever it is. But my travel partner was one who is very cautious about security and stuff. So no guesthouse.

In the end, I decided to call up the friend from the travel agency whom I made the booking with. International call no less! After 3 voice-mails from the other end, I too, started to lose my cool. (*ahem* those who know us personally would've known how my travel partner would be already in this kind of situation.) But yea, after 3 voice-mails, friend finally called back and took note of the mistake.

We waited for about 30 minutes in the lobby before the receptionist addressed us and got us checked in.

Sent a message to my friend thanking his help. And boy, what a huge relief.

And what a drama.

Me: Your face is as black as Justice Pao.

Friend: Of course! It's a HUGE mistake! Very HUGE! I'm no going to pay for the differences if they don't amend the date. You booked for December, and you got the SMS history still. And I knew that I wouldn't pay for the room via online if I hadn't confirm the date. So it was a mistake someone did along the line. I don't know who, but definitely not us. And.... *yada yada yada*

Me: I... don't care. I'm in Bangkok!

I can't imagine what it'd be like if we can't get it sorted. Losing the booking payment. And needing to fork out another sum of money for walk-in rooms. And it would continued to after we got back from this trip where, worst case scenario, a court case against the agency. Worst case scenario, I said.

* * * *

That said, have a good Christmas Eve everyone! Don't get stranded anywhere. LOLOLOL!

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TZ said...

Double, triple check needed ... such a big mistake also can make... what could i say :(