Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the Thai Christmas

I'd actually thought I'd be taking shots of the Christmas decorations in Bangkok this time round, especially when I was told that Siam Paragon and such malls would be beautiful. And I was all Christmas-y when I was planning about this post before my Bangkok excursion, looking for Mariah's Christmas song embed and all...

Passed by this one when I was walking on the street. It was 4pm in the afternoon so of course it wasn't neon-ed up. Saw some trees here and there, but nothing huge enough to wow me.

I came back with actually not a single lighted Christmas tree in Thailand. What a bummer.

And although I spent quite some time in Siam Paragon, I was just too lazy to take any photos of the decorations in the front door and concourse area. Perhaps because it was flooded with people, not only locals, but also a lot of ill-mannered Malaysians and Singaporeans, which, ugh let's not get to their attitude.

So anyways, here are some of Paragon's. There was a lawn or something with booth set up and lots of snowmen still yet to be completed between Paragon and Siam Discovery. Didn't get that though.

The closest that I stayed to the decorations being lighted up was at 6pm. The lights were not up yet. And the crowd in the BTS station in front of the mall was humongous! I'd have stayed longer, I thought I should have. But I actually didn't regret leaving the super crowded place.

And that was because I wanted to get back to the hotel and place all my day's shopping bags and shower before heading out to the nightlife in Khao San on one night and well... *ahem* the red light district *blush* ... on another. But those are for another day. *blush*

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

3 Jujus:

foongpc said...

So KL's Christmas decor are better? Must have had fun at the red light district! : )

[SK] said...

wah, capturing all the xmas deco huh??

TZ said...

Maybe because of the flood that the xmas deco has tuned down... Anyway, let's see what deco they have next year eh~