Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Nike "We Run KL 2011" Running Kit Collection

Toldja I'm gonna go on a running events blogging spree because they're all postponed since 2 weeks back. LOL!

Headed to Mid Valley on the 11.11.11 (Woah! So that was what I did on that memorable date! LOL) to collect the running kit for this run even though the run itself was held 2 weeks later.

Usually the running kits were only released on the weekend one week before the running event, therefore I was glad that I came across the updates about the running kit collection online. Else I'd have totally forgotten about it!

I honestly haven't been to Mid Valley for ages. Never liked any malls with lousy traffic flow and limited parking space. But since the running kit collection is there, I had no choice.

Not many people were there that day. Either it was a Friday, or that everyone was asking other people to help collect their running kit.

10km in KL, pretty much the same route like that of Standard Chartered Marathon 2010 I thought.

Will be running with TZ for this one. But of course, I'm sure a whole lot of other bloggers were running this one too. LOL.

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foongpc said...

Enjoy your run : )

reanaclaire said...

Very active la you, Jason!

[SK] said...

oh, so this is the run where people wear the reddish orange shirt??

Medie007 said...

@foong, it was last weekend!

@reanaclaire, hahahaha... wanna lose weight! wanna lose weight!

@SK, yups! caused major traffic jam or not? LOLOLOLOLOL!

Gratitude said...


TZ said...

I was having fun ... having lots of fun on taking pictures... come visit my blog for more info..

Medie007 said...

+Ant+, well... it's actually sweet ler... the grapes i mean

TZ, I SAW! so fast blogged abt it already...