Thursday, December 01, 2011

On the Allianz Penang Bridge International (Half) Marathon 2011

Penang, 20 November 2011. Like it or not, I'm going to blog about it today, and you'll want to read this. LOL!

Stayed in Hotel Royal Penang, and took the free shuttle from the hotel to the starting line at 10.45pm of 19th November even though the flag off for 21km is not until 3am of the 2oth November! So imagine my bore. But thankfully, I bumped into Ivan, another fanatic whom I knew for long but never get together with. LOL. We were joking on how people would actually call us crazy to spend so much just to run. I mean with hotel stay and traveling cost and all.

We came out from the buss right at the starting line of Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon. There were tents being set up at the parking lots with numerous running shoes and excited runners up and about already.

By 1.30am, we heard Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng arrived at the starting line to support the see the flag off of the full marathon category. I was amazed really. Of all the runs that I joined, I have never seen any politicians present before the start of the run; let alone at 2am in the morning. *Salute* There were performances before the flag off...

At 2am sharp, the full marathoners were let go. These runners ran faster than sprinters really! I was actually wondering why I hadn't got the guts to actually register for a full 42km. LOL. It would've been a huge achievement to complete it for sure. If... I'd ever complete it.

Before I knew it, it was already time for the flag off of the 21km category. Got into the starting line and started getting myself calmed down. It was my 6th half marathon in my "running career", but I was still pretty restless on the starting line.

And so off we go. 30 minutes later, I hit the 4km mark, and was on the way up the bridge. Sky was clear. No cloud. No rain. And freaking cold! The sea breeze was sending chills down my whole body. But I'd say it was an easy run for the front half. I skipped a few drink station, didn't want to disrupt my consistency. Reached 9km point of the u-turn point of the bridge at slightly over 1 hour. Happy happy! I was pretty determined to have a personal best this time.

Went up the ramp on the bridge again. But finally all the work had taken toll. I slowed down to catch my breath on a few occasion. There was once where I was pretty sure if I hadn't continue running I'd have a cramp. My calves were already screaming, not exactly in pain, but more of soreness, especially on the sole.

I continued to run off the bridge, checking my time once a while. I didn't have my watch on. And I actually forgot my 'heart'. I had to listen to the same song on my phone using an earphone I borrowed from TZ. It was my favourite song then, still is now. XD Must've re-played for more than 3 to 4 dozens times. LOL.

As I made my u-turn at the 17th km point on the highway, I was entering my 2nd hour. Perhaps I was too ambitious to aim for a sub-2hour. LOL!

The last 2.5km was when I really pushed myself. Was pacing with another runner. Overtook him a few times, and he overtook me another few times. But at last I think I reached the finishing line sooner. As I crossed the finishing line to get my medal, I was half hoping it was a full marathon. Grrr the crew at the finishing line was hugging the pile of finishing shirt so tightly as she saw me coming, as though I was going to grab it from her or something. -.-"

But guess what, I've told you to read this post. Because it was a huge achievement for me. I finally improved my time. YAY!!!! My personal best thus far for a 21km finally achieved in Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011. A great improvement from my previous timing in Taiping. 5 minutes is still a huge deal okay! LOL

And I was darn proud of myself. LOL!

So after completing the run, I waited for TZ. And the free shuttle back to the hotel. Slept by the road-side (for the first time!) while waiting. Never thought I would just lie on the pavement and sleep. *Another new experience!* I was too tired I suppose. Didn't sleep the nigh before, having need to leave for the race venue at 11pm. LOL.

So all in all, it was a successful event for me. A pretty good closure for my running addiction in the year of 2011.

And if you noticed, there were a lot of "LOL"s in this post. I was proud and happy! HAHA!

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Tempus said...

jealous la. but like I've expected, I wouldn't have time for it. These few weeks have been too busy for me.

Small Kucing said...

LOL...reading this also makes me LOL...contagious la your LOL

Medie007 said...

LOL! happy happy joy joy! it's the last month of the year leh! have to be happy. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

[SK] said...

fuyoh, like you have never missed any run before, be them big or small..

Medie007 said...

hahaha. indeed!!!!