Friday, December 02, 2011

On the Nike "We Run KL 2011" Run

Managed to get myself registered for one +one for this one months back on the 3rd day it was available for registration online. Boy was I glad I managed to get it. I know someone who didn't, and was pretty furious that the whole run was full and registered participants reached 10,000 in just 4 days. A bit ridiculous if you ask me. But oh well...

So I was actually contemplating whether or not to go for this one nearing the weekend as TZ kept saying he was having soreness which didn't get any better after his run on Penang Bridge. There was after all, another run in Kepong Desa Park City which offered a finisher medal. But of course, I didn't registered for that (and I could always get it online the night before if I wanted to).

But anyhow, we proceeded to Nike's "We Run KL 2011" in the end. Arrived in Padang Merbok and parked our car some secluded place far far away from the starting line. Boo. But at least it was a warm up walking towards the starting line.

The amount that turned up was huge. Easily 10,000 runners I thought. Heard over JJ emcee-ing that all the quotas were snapped within 72 hours. But I wouldn't doubt that there are at least one who registered for the run at RM40 for him/herself and a friend just to get two Nike Tee, which, let's not forget, comes bearing a huge brand and quite a nice design. I know, because I had the idea. LOLOLOLOLOL! But hey, I ran!

But anyways, we flagged off amidst the thousands of runners off from the road. Ran ran ran.

There were so many runners that you would never be alone. In fact, at some part, you were actually walking. Because everybody was walking and you had no space to run. LOL!

So I ran. And walked. And ran a bit more. And walked a lot more.

And slowed down to a halt by the side to take photos some more...

And finally crossed the finishing line after 1 hour 12 minutes. Boo. No improvement. LOL! The sight was something to behold. People mountain people sea, in red.

ps: I had no idea there was a guy taking off his jersey at that time!

But who cares. I did thought that the gun time would be much longer as it took me almost 10 minutes to reach the starting line before we flagged off. But anyhoos, like what they call it, just run for fun. It's our city after all. Came out from the carnival area to the last stretch of road before the finishing line to cool down. Saw some celebrities in the running community i.e. Yimster and Karen Loh (who started the Running for Orang Asli)... though I never really approached them. HAHAHA!

It was a great run despite all the little glitches here and there. I thought the event was well organized. Safety was really taken care off. Just that, well... some runners didn't actually read the guidebook, they still slow down suddenly to walk in the middle of the route, which could actually pose as a danger to other runners who might accidentally knock into them. I nearly did.

But overall, it was fun!

This run didn't come with a finisher medal. But we had some finisher momento, which is equally as nice. It was a cute little Nike Shoe thumb-drive.

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Udom Porn said...

I wish we have such Nike run in Bangkok...