Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On the CICM Responsible Care Run 2011

Here comes a series of running events that I had postponed since 2 weeks back because, well, somehow I just have sooooooo many things to blog about! LOL!

So this CICM Responsible Care Run 2011 which took place on the 13th of November was the second time of this event which I participate in. Last year it was held in Bukit Jalil where the routes were crazy and hilly... This year, I registered late, so I didn't get the early-bird fees, but rather quite an expensive one I thought. But I can't remember how much I paid for it. Anyways, since there was medal for all who finishes the 10km last, I thought it would be the same this year too. It was only during the collection of my race kit that I found out, all the half marathoners (21km) who completed their runs get finisher medal; but there were only 600 medals for the 10km category.

I was contemplating actually. I wasn't sure if the turn up would be huge. Whenever there was a limitations to the medal, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to receive a medal at the end of the run. On top of that, Mum was arriving for the oath taking ceremony (posted here). But in the end, I went ahead with the run. Sis dropped me at the running site, and went to pick Mum from the airport before coming back to pick me up again.

I was checking the number of runners by the number on their bibs at the starting line. 600 medals... It was considered a lot, many runners would get it. But still, if there were say, 1000 runners in the 10km category, it's a tough job for me too. I am after all, a slow runner. I thought the largest bib I was was 700 something.

The route passed by Setia Alam housing estates... Pretty much flat road. But with the one month hiatus for exam and all, I thought it was quite tough for me to catch my breath. LOL.

After 1 hour and 15 minutes or so, I finally came back to the finishing line. I ranked 459th I think.

So YAY! Medal!

Headed for the refreshment booth for drinks and watermelon. Overheard someone saying it was 10.38km in total. Not like it matters to me. LOL.

Hang around for a while before Sis and Mum arrived. Didn't follow through till the end where lucky draws happened. Meh, who knows, I might actually be the winner of the brand new iPad2? LOL. But then again, I suppose family comes first. XD

5 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

what? Nasi lemak coupon?.....after running all the way makan nasi lemak later vomit lo

Medie007 said...

exactly wat i thought when i see the pic again today! after run can eat more "lemak" again. hahaha

Gratitude said...

Seems we only noticed the nasi lemak coupon! lolz

[SK] said...

nasi lemak coupon?? what an indulgence after the run!! hahaha~~

Medie007 said...

eh, the nasi lemak was nice leh! >___<

clearly i ate it afterwards. LOL!