Monday, November 28, 2011

On the SUPER FAT Medie

Moons ago, I blogged that one of the plans on my bed were broke. Well, we did went to look for another more solid wood and get it replaced. Somewhat.

And you can see that it's like some plywood-quality wood glued together in some saw-tooth fashion or something.


It's finally broken.

I mean, another different plank now.


Time to go on a drastic diet! And excessive 3 hours of daily exercises now.

On a brighter note, I kinda like that last picture. LOLOLOLOL!

6 Jujus:

reanaclaire said...

I think u r not fat but the quality these days have gone down drastically.. those days, they used much better quality wood.. :)

Krajik said...

khaha you're such a fatty!

[SK] said...

for long-term sake, don't buy a bed, just sleep on the floor with mattress!! your floor sure won't break~~ :D

Small Kucing said...

been bouncing a lot on the bed ya :p
agreed with Claire. The quality of stuff nowadays have deteriorated

Cally Choo said...

Don't do too much "exercises" on your bed. XD

Small Kucing said...

The Air Fest over already It was for 2 days only . 26 and 27.