Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

I've only got one word to describe my feelings today:- EUPHORIC. After much anticipation, the sudden decision 3 weeks back of my registration for my first ever marathon (at least I still see it as a quarter of a marathon lol), the big day finally arrived. The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010.

Woke up at 4 in the morning, packed some clothes and munched an energy bar, I was off to downtown Kuala Lumpur at the Dataran Merdeka for the annual event. It was drizzling initially, but after we managed to parked our car along the road in just next to Taman Tasik Perdana, making the small road even smaller, the drizzle amazingly stopped! We walked for about 10 minutes to reach the field.

Marathon enthusiasts were already getting ready for the run. We were just in time to hear the countdown of the letting go of the half-marathon category, i.e. the 21km. And the whole starting line was ours. We waited there, trying to stay awake due to the lack of sleep, for about 45 minutes. There was a warm-up g
oing on. But having walked for a bit of distance to the starting line, we were already sweating.

When it was finally time, the emcee led to the letting go countdown. 5...4...3...2...1... and Bang! Off we ran... Run Medie run!

My friend, who was also involved as a volunteer told me there was a total of 7,800 runners for the 10km run. Like, 7,800 runners, not a small number really. Majority of the participants for SCKL 2010, which amount to 16,000 people, fall in this category. So basically the whole road was packed with runners clad in their typical white vests. And that was when I saw the shocking number of runners in front of me. I mean, there were seriously a LOT of runners here!

The traffic was basically halted to make way for us. I kept my feet running at a steady speed of about 7kmph or so and made a turn at KL Central into Tun Sambathan Road. It was barely 2km but it felt so much longer than the 2km I had been practicing before this!

But it wasn't before long that we reached the first drink station which marked the 4km point. I suppose I must be in the last group, seeing the amount of plastic cups on the ground. Somehow, the whole road was empty without a trace of vehicles. Was really amazed. But only until the leg started to fail me. I couldn't carry on longer, and slowed down to walk. I guessed it was barely half of the entire journey then. I walked for about 3 minutes before starting my pace again, at a much slower speed. I had no watch with me, so I didn't know how long had we been running.

We turned into National mosque into the winding roads leading to the KL Bird Park, Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial Hall as well as the Taman Tasik Perdana. But the hilly road proved to be a challenge when I finally gave in and walked. There were so many runners who overtook me, very intimidating, but I just couldn't run at the steady speed I had at the first 5km. I ran for a bit and walked for a bit, and we finally came out into the main road leading to the Parliament building. The sun had already rises then, it was probably about 8ish I presume. I should have been running for an hour already.

It wasn't before long that I reached the 2nd drink station when I was told there was only 1 more kilometer to go! Woots! I had no idea where my position was, but I knew more than 100 runners overtook me when I slowed down to a walk. Somehow, the 1km seemed to be longer than what I expected when the route curved into Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. The 100 meter to Sogo Shopping Center was plain torture. My idea of sprinting in the last kilometer was basically an impossible task it seemed.

But as we finally made the u-turn heading towards the finishing line, that was when all the cheers came in. Photographers were standing by the curbs with their ever so gigantic camera lenses shooting away. I knew I would look very ugly, my vest was basically soaked. My pants was wet into the undies. And I was sure my nipple showed through that white vest. LOL.

I finally approached the finishing line, and looking at the clock ticking away. It went by seconds, but I couldn't increase my speed despite the cheer from the crowd. I finally crossed the finishing line clocking 1 hr 11 minutes and 21 seconds. That's the personal baseline record I suppose, considering this is practically my virgin run.

I was disappointed when I didn't see any finisher's medals at the other side of the arch. Runners were all queuing up for the isotonic drink. And none of them had any medals in their hands. I suppose I must've been pretty slow that all the medals were already given out. I last heard there were probably only about 1000 medals. But I managed to cross the finishing line within the standard 1.5 hour for a 10km run. Disappointed, I took two cups of isotonic drink.

Little did I know, the final exit was inside the field where runners queue for the finisher's medal!

So yeah, I've only got one word to describe what I'm feeling right now. Euphoria.

I made it! My long-postponed resolution to participate in a major running event was finally achieved! I could only beam from ear to ear...


SO happy and so proud of myself. ^^

But of course, all these photos were taken at 11 when it was super duper hot. The finishers from the full marathon of 42km finally arrived.

Now if you could excuse me, I think I need a 16 hour sleep. LOL. And I'm expecting I wouldn't be feeling my leg tomorrow.

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smallkucing said...

Good workout. :D

William said...

My friend saw a participant go into an epileptic fit. No personnel in sight to help.

SynchingZincInc said...

I've registered, but didn't go for it as i am scheduled to work at 8am today...

Envy the medal :P

Paul Figaro J said...

so what's next?? Penang Bridge International Marathon?? come come come...

[SK] said...

bravo!! congratulations for making it happened.. give yourself a clap!!

pikey said...

There has been this thread circulating in Facebook that a participant was having trouble and passed away later... not sure if you have passed that route in that marathon.

Calvin said...

Wow! Congratulations!!! Good job!

Gratitude said...

good achievement bro! ;) It's about time i do it too ;)

Chris said...

Oh... U join the marathon also.. How was it? Nice?

cpl said...

yup.. somebody died according to NST.. how sad.. 25 y/o only