Monday, June 28, 2010

On the IT-savvy Mother

About a month ago when FIFA World Cup kicked start with South Africa playing against Mexico, we were all gathered in front of the television, not watching the game, but rather watching a movie on DVD instead. But we knew the first match was to be kicking off that night, so we were jumping from channel to channel to find some live broadcast, to our surprise landing on TV1 in the end, before we switch to the DVD totally.

However, none of us really watch Barclay's League, let alone football per se, so we never really followed the game anyways. But with the great adverts and football fever around, at least we know the FIFA World Cup 2010 was held in South Africa. LOL.

Anyways. We headed to bed about 2am that night. The next day we woke up at 9am and went outing already. It was a Saturday after all.

So during our outing, we saw some trigger and suddenly brought it up.

Sis: Eh? Last night's match who won ah?

Me: Mexico. I think.

Sis: Is it?

No lah. It was 1-1.

Everyone looked at Mum. *WHOAAA!*

Me: I didn't know you follow FIFA?

No lah. I saw the results in the internet this morning.

Everyone looked at her again. *Internet! WHOAAA!*

Mum: Aiyo! I'm not as out-dated as you think I am lah. Saw the results in the front page when Skype with your brother.

Apparently, the brother being sent overseas forced Mum to start learning the computer and go online as well. Nice. LOL

11 Jujus:

reanaclaire said...

Don't underestimate us ladies over 50.. hehehehe....

Danny said...

a very good reason/excuse for her to learn about internet..
luckily my mum dun.. if not i wont be able to laser ;p

William said...

She'll find your blog soon. :P

[SK] said...

yeah, later your mum will have a FB account, and she will question you why you didn't add her as friend~~ :D

Gratitude said...

untuk medielicious ~ buruk padahnya! lolz

Gratitude said...
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manglish said...

u better passworded ur laptop hahahaah

Koala Express said...

i think its all too late. every1 in the family knew too late. haha... its easy for her to find out. just click on the url field n a host of addresses will appear.

renaye said...

HAHA. ur mum is really hi-tech!

the happy go lucky one said...

make sure ur laptop is CLEAN hor :P

KY said...

Auntie is better than me!!
I normally get the updated news through Facebook!! Haha.