Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the Top 100...

... Chinese surnames!

Now let's count from the back shall we?

100. Kung, Kwong
99. Hung, Hong
98. Niu, Ngau
97. Shih, Sze
96. Chi'en, Chin, Chee
95. Yin, Wan
94. Yen, Im
93. He, Ho
92. Kang, Hong, Khong
91. Wu, Mou
90. 赖 Lai

Oh. My. God. The countdown is killing the thrill...

89 - 16, 顾(Ku, Goo); 万 (Wan, Man); 常 (Ch’ang, Sheung, Seong, Song); 毛叶(Ye, Yip, Yeap, Yap, Ip); (Mao, Mo); 史 (Shih, Si, See, Seet); 邵 (Shao, Siu); 孔 (K'ung, Hung, Hong); 郝 (Hao, Kok); 段 (Tuen, Tun); 龍 (Long); 白 (Bo, Po, Baak, Pak, Pek, Phak); 雷 (Lei, Lui); 薛(Hsüeh, See); 侯 (Hou, Hao); 阎 (Yen, Yim); 秦 (Ch'in, Tseon); 孟 (Meng); 熊 (Hsiung, Hung); 石 (Shih, Sek); 邹 (Tsou, Chow, Chiu); 贾 (Chia, Ga); 韦 (Wei); 谭 (Tham); 夏 (Hsia, Hạ); 邱 (Ch'iu, Koo); 金 (Chin, Kim, Kam); 方 (Fang, Fong, Hong); 姚 (Yao, Yeow);廖 (Liao, Lew, Leow, Liew); 陆 (Lu, Luk, Loke); 任 (Jen, Yam); 崔 (Ts'ui, Tsuei); 戴 (Tai); 汪 (Wang, Wong, Ong, Ang); 卢 (Lu, Lou); 钟 (Chung, Chiong); 傅 (Fu, Foo, Poh); 江 (Chiang, Kiang, Gong, Kong, Kang); 范 (Fan, Phạm); 姜(Chiang, Kiang); 沈(Shen, Sam, Sim); 丁(Ding, Ting); 杜(Tu, Duo, Do); 田(Tien, Chan); 蒋(Chiang, Tseung, Cheung, Cheong); 魏(Wei, Ngai, Wee, Ngui); 吕 (Lu, Loy); 苏 (Su, Soo); 余 (Yu, Yeo); 董 (Tung); 于(Yu, Iu); 袁(Yuan, Yuen, Wan); 潘 (Pan, Pun, Poon, Phon); 彭 (Peng, Pang); 蔡 (Chai, Choi, Choy, Chua, Choa); 程(Ch’eng, Cheng); 曾 (Tseng, Tzeng, Tsang, Chang);冯 (Feng, Fung, Phang); 肖(Hsiao, Siu, Sio, Shau, Siow); 邓(Teng, Theng); 许(Hui, Koh, Kho, Khor, Khaw) 曹(Tsao, Chaw); 韩(Han, Hon); 唐 (Tang, Tong); 谢 (Hsieh, Tse, Che, Chia, Cheah); 宋 (Sung); 罗 (Lo, Law, Loh); 郑 (Cheng, Jehng, Zeng, Cheng, The, The, They, Teay, Thin); 梁 (Liang, Leong Leung, Leng, Neo);高 (Kao, Gou, Koi, Koh);何(He, Ho); 林(Ling, Lin); 郭(Kuok, Kwek).

LOL. Are your surnames in the list?

The top 15 were of course pretty common. It is after all, the top 100 most common Chinese surnames in the world.

15. Hu, Oh, Woo
14. Ma, Mah
13. Choo
12. Sun
11. Hsu, Tsui
10. Wu, Goh, Eng, Ng
9. Chow, Chew
8. Zhao, Teo, Teoh, Chew
7. Bong, Wong, Ng, Ooi, Hwang, Wee, Eng, Ui
6. Yeung, Yeoh, Yeo, Yong, Jong
5. Chan, Tan, Ting
4. Liu, Lau, Low, Liew
3. Chong, Cheung, Cheong, Teo, Teoh
2. Wong, Ong, Heng

And here comes the most un-unique surname, the most common surname, the surname where you simple point to any chinese out there, the chances of having this surname is very high.

1. (Lee, Li)

Now. Who the heck do research on all these interesting but pretty useless information right?

Me: Whoa! Guess what? Some people's surname is (Chin, Kim, Kam) (Chi'en, Chin, Chee).

(When you put 金钱 together, it means money.)

Mum: Of course. You don't know?

Without shame,

Me: Know. Of course I know. Do you know
(Niu, Ngau) is also a surname?

Mum: Of course. Got (Yang, Yong, Jong) ma got (Niu, Ngau) lor.

( 'yang' has the same pronunciation as 羊, which means 'goat'.)

Me: Like that also can.

Mum: Yeah why not? Where got people so free go online to do these kind of research?

Me: After exam mar...

There you go. LOL. My post-exam euphoria.

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mine one not up there wor

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mine not there also

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Woohoo.. Mine's number 2!!! :D

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Mine is No. 6!! The "Yang Mie Mie"!

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this is a kind of statistics, it is not useless, it does have its value..

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I'm #10!

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