Saturday, November 19, 2011

On Digging Hutong @ Lot10

OMG. This is blog is turning into a diary of eating. LMAO! But oh well. I haven't been eating for so long! LOL! After our breakfast in Yuk Kee (in previous post), we headed to the Golden Triangle area. We went to Sg Wang Plaza to get some stuff; and later crossed the "line" to BB Plaza for an iPhone issue. LOL.

While waiting for the phone to be done, we went over to Lot 10 for food. Do you know that the food court in the lower ground floor underwent major refurbishing since I last went 3 years ago? LOL! I'm so outdated I know.

Apparently I heard YTL gathered all the good delicious famous street food and place them there so that locals as well as tourists can savour these delicacies at convenience without needing to go far.

The whole food court was designed to look like some streets. I suppose.

No idea what 胡 同 (Hutong) means myself. But I got lost inside. It's a maze down there!

We had roasted duck. Passed by a table where the roasted duck was staring back at us, and we started drooling.

Also had the famous beef noodle.

And wanton noodle.

And lin chee kang, a type of dessert.

And we left soon after. It was so packed inside I felt lucky we even got a seat!

Street food indeed. At double their price.

I suppose convenience has a price to pay. LOL!

4 Jujus:

[SK] said...

oh yeah, indeed very expensive.. and i rather go back to their original places to eat at 30% cheaper, but 100% more authentic than the ones manned by foreigners at Lot 10~~ :D

reanaclaire said...

Yes, very expensive food there.. but what to do.. have to eat to live, right? :)

Small Kucing said...

sei for!!!! Darn....most of it my fav food.

Gratitude said...

felt claustrophobic in there!