Friday, November 18, 2011

On the 70-year Yuk Kee

And the following morning, we went downtown Kuala Lumpur again. It was after all, a Sunday. LOL. More food!

Headed to this old shophouses area near the Heritage Row called Yuk Kee. The amount of people queuing up outside the shop was amazing. It was all packed inside the shop.

Customers had to take numbers to get seated. But the customer turnover was fast. Once they were done eating, they got up and leave. And we'd get our seats.

Sometimes, we also noticed that the boss placed individual customers or those in small groups together with other customers.

The pork chop was delicious.

So does the chicken chop.

Same gravy, just different chunk of meat. LOL.

And the fried glass noodle was delicious.

All these came in less than 10 minutes. Speaking about efficiency. I suppose they prepared their food beforehand, especially the meat platter. And when customers ordered them, they'd just serve it with the hot gravy.

We also had roti babi(?), if I didn't hear it wrongly. It was basically bread, with meat stuffing. Was it chicken or pork, I wasn't all too sure.

Wouldn't mind heading back to the place again next time. If I'm up for it.

I suppose my parents would love it. So authentic!

6 Jujus:

TZ said...

seems like we are having some similar photographing angle eh~

Twilight Man said...

You both have too many other similarities!!

Small Kucing said...

heard so much about this place but never been there before

foongpc said...

Hey is it Yut Kee or Yuk Kee? Or you are trying to say Yuck Kee? Haha!

foongpc said...

I like the roti babi! Must eat it with the Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce! Yum!

[SK] said...

i've always heard about this place but have never been there..