Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Buy-1-Free-1 in Library

Went to IOI Boulevard Puchong one weekend. Never knew the place existed even though I passed by the place a few times before. It was never my intention to visit as well, until a friend brought me there. So we were looking for late lunch on a Sunday where most of the shops were already closed... And well... we ended up walking into Library after spending quite some time deciding between Overtime and our choice.

SO... It wasn't my first visit to Library, but it was a first during the day, and the first outside the Curve. The one in Puchong, indeed has a nice ambience. It felt cosy just as we walked into the shop. It was mid-day, so it was empty.

The bar was lined with empty towers canisters, probably for the avid drinkers. A softer way to substitute the word "drunkard"? LOL. But like I said, it was mid-day. So we just thought of a simple bite and a pint of beer.

But well, well, guess what we were surprised with? They actually have lunch time promotion, not only for the beers, but also for the food. Buy 1 free 1 apparently, for selected food items. But it wasn't just any finger food, they were in fact quite a number of main courses.

So while waiting for our meals, we had the buy 1 free 1 happy hour promotion for the beers. Erdinger! Would've gotten Hoegaarden as well, but since there's more variety, why not?

Our main courses came a while after. We had lamb stew (didn't manage to get the photo before we finished the dish) and chicken fajita. I think. Can't really remember what it was. But the dishes were neither too big nor too little. And perhaps because we were hungry...

LOL. Caesar salad as a second course... Love that they had bird's egg! Double the cholesterol level of that compared to a chicken's egg.

Which also comes with another dish... Some chicken... Thought it was really nice. Loved the mashed potatoes.

And if there was a second serving of main course, we had a second pint of beers as well. Franzishaner Weisbier... Some German beer, it sounds like that.

And in the end... we were just too full to even walk. =.="

But it was a great meal! LOL. I wouldn't mind another round again. Anyone? LOL

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Twilight Man said...

You sure know how to enjoy life! Drinking during the mid day some more! I knew that area but never turned in yet.

Anonymous said...

fat ass plse stop eating much

[SK] said...

wow, that's really a very good deal!!

Danny said...

errr.. what is that lion thing doing in library? east meets west?

TZ said...

tell your mama that you are in library... mama happy but ended up in "LIBRARY"... hahahahaa....