Friday, August 26, 2011

On the Sub-standard England

My England not so good lor. Even though I go tuition under a Kiwi teacher since primary 5 right, my England still so so nia.

So imagine my amusement when I saw this in a mall one day. Like seriously? Refuse chamber? What the heck is that!

So I came back and did some so called research and found out that it just simply means, dump-site.

So, like, seriously? Need to be so high class England or not? LOL! Because I can't understand mar. Even so, I think I better confirm with someone whose England is more high class one... If my understanding is wrong, please correct me hor... I humbly accept a lesson.


6 Jujus:

[SK] said...

oh yeah, that's really even a nicer way to say "garbage room", haha~~

Gratitude said...

wow to see this sign is indeed rare in Bolehland. Go buy toto!

Small Kucing said...

sound nicer and more classy mah :p

3quarks said...

yeah it sounds more classy hehe

Anonymous said...

pronounced, reh-fuse in this case ;)

savante said...

Well they call it that in the hospital as well :) Remnants of our colonial past.