Saturday, August 27, 2011

On the Sarpino's Pizza

Know where this is?

A little bit of history: In 1972, Sarpino's founder Gerry Koutougos established his first full service restaurant in Victoria BC Canada. After years of providing authentic Italian and Mediterranean dishes through a number of successful full service restaurants, Gerry saw the opportunity to provide consumers around the world with these fresh authentic Italian dishes through take out and delivery restaurants.

It was one late night in Mont Kiara when most of the eateries inside 1 Mont Kiara were already close. And the other diner that stills operates was Mc. Donald and Subway. Speaking about fast food eh?

So we sat down in another fast food chain called Sarpino's Pizzeria, where the workers were already getting ready to close their business for the day. But since they were bound to their closing time of 11pm, they were obliged to serve us the "Best pizza in town".

We ordered a simple combo comprising a regular pizza, coleslaw, garlic bread and canned drinks. I thought the coleslaw would be somewhat like that of KFC... but it turned out to be big chunky salad leaves with mayonnaise... It was pretty delicious alright.

The pizza was well done. Hawaiian chicken delight. Something like that. The crust was crispy. The cheese was sufficient. The whole taste was just simply... succulent. Yummy....

I personally thought, despite the shop looks... run-down... the food proved to be great. Indeed, they pretty much lived up to what they claim they are. I mean, well, I haven't tried out all the pizzas in town, but this one definitely sits amongst the top of my list.

ps: yeah I know... lots of food posts lately. Perhaps because the only interesting chunk in my life now revolves around food.

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Twilight Man said...

You should be a Food or Alcohol doctor instead. That would be nice. Hmmn.. I will try that outlet since I am a pizza fan.

Small Kucing said...

some posh shop cant serve decent food while some run down shop can

Danny said...

food n drinks actually ... ;p
ahh.. what a life ;p

Gratitude said...

Booze,food,travel,more booze,more food,more travel ......wot a wonderful life hor! ;)

Sarpino’s Pizza said...

Hi there, thanks for give Sarpino’s Pizza such a good review. We hope you enjoy the pizza :)