Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Exploring the Library

Hey Anonymous who asked me why I was a drunkard, guess what, I went drinking again!

This time, we headed to the Library. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was wondering if there was any happy hour promotion in any of the bars in the Curve, and well, we ended up 'reading' beers.

So you see, before 6pm, we get one pint of beer free with any purchase of any pints of beer. From local beers to the German brew such as Erdinger Weissbräu. So instead of paying 30Rm for Tiger, we would of course go for the Erdinger Weissbräu at 36Rm. It's smoother, it tastes nicer and it's well... more palatable.

And so, the two pints of beer to chill the body on a, God it was so damn hot that day. Plus, Library wasn't confined, and the air condition was basically wasted to the open through their open patio. But we sat in the deeper corner where the cooler air was trapped.

We had some munchies. Fried chicken wings turned out to be quite nice and crunchy.

Generally, the Library, I thought, has a pretty unique interior. The furnitures are leaning towards the heavier end, as in, wooden design. Not much space to walk around in, but pretty comfortable seats.

15 minutes to 6pm, we went for our 2nd pint of beer. We had Hoegaarden instead. But having had Erdinger Weissbräu, Hoegaarden seemed to carry a tinge of sourness which tasted odd, especially right after the former. But of course, it tastes as great as ever after that.

But having that second pint, also came with our second plater of fried chicken wings. Surprisingly, the second plate of the same dish, actually had a small salad side dish! LOL. But anyways, it was a great time.

Now, when shall we go for the free flow beer on tap?

Call me a drunkard now? So what if I am?

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Tempus said...

Naah, you haven't seen drunkards. 2 pints is still okay. One whole bottle of red wine in a dinner, that's drunkard. haha, but beer is gonna hit hard on the belly man!

Anonymous said...

im sorry for calling you a drunkard .you are a mega drunkard . can we stop fighting and have sex now ?

Anonymous said...

oh please anonymous, its not like we won't know who it is going around different blogs leaving comments asking for sex. its don't you have a life?

reanaclaire said...

I thought beer is leong char? cooling drink, i mean.. :)

Gratitude said...

Cheh, 2 pints doesn't even bring you close to being called that!

TZ said...

telling your mama you are in the library eh~

[SK] said...

hahaha, two pints only not really a drunkard lah, unless you had two barrels of the brew :D

Twilight Man said...

Hey alcoholic! I love your drinking binge! Sounds like my old self!