Sunday, June 05, 2011

On Bon-Ga BBQ Meal

Food post again. It was a normal Saturday afternoon, what supposed to be a buffet lunch turned ugly and we ended up here, Bon-Ga, a Korean BBQ restaurant. Yea I know, would've been niceer if it was BONG-a instead.

Located in a high-end place like Solaris Mont Kiara, it was not surprising that I opened the menu to dishes priced at 80 bucks to 250 bucks. Heck I didn't even know what to order! But lastly, we asked the waiter for a recommendation and we had pork belly and some marinated pork, both at less than 30 bucks.

I seldom go to a Korean restaurant. So I didn't know that there were so many side dishes. But amongst the cold kimchi and marinated peanuts, I totally loved the tofu. Maybe because it was the so called 'safe' food; unlike the green chili. LOL.

The waiter came soon enough with a pot of hot charcoal and lighted the pan, ready for our BBQ pork.

And I thought we had to do the BBQ ourselves. LOL. It was a very pleasant experience alright, watching the foreigner waiter preparing the dish.

But honestly, what we ordered, wasn't different from ordering BBQ meats from the kitchen straight away. I was literally looking at the pork getting cooked right in front of me. Not really exciting. Plus one drop of hot oil splashed from the pan.

But anyways, the dish came out extremely fine. Love the juiciness of the pork, they were cooked to perfection.

Judging from the crowd that came in during the 1 hour we were there, I thought we were the only local customer in the premise. All the other customers were Korean. Perhaps it's just like Malaysians hunting for Nasi Lemak in London.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal there. The bill came out to be very reasonable, totally value for money if you ask me. PLUS, they gave us 10% discount, not sure what gave rise to the occasion. So, we only paid 53Rm in total.

My rating? Worth a shot. ;)

Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant
Address:No 2-2-2, 3A-2 Block E, Jln Solaris3, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62040012
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4 Jujus:

Tempus said...

wah mont kiara ar? can see the kedulan-an you have for tenji XD i went for like so many korean bbq this year because the singaporean friends like it. the prices were like omg, but i always ended up kena belanja. so paiseh.

nvm la, when i earn my first pay only i belanja them back la, but most prob japanese food lol

Danny said...

i love korean food..
n normally we will request the waiters to let us grill the meat.. more fun ma.. :)

Twilight said...

Bong- Ahhhhhh! LOL.. I love that name.

I am a Korean food fan and know what's cheap & good. Treat me please! Solaris is an expensive place due to its high rentals.

Small Kucing said...

interesting. They use charcoal instead. Food must have been good